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Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

HCfE was established in 2007 and has grown substantially in the subsequent years, hitting several significant milestones. Most notably, in 2017 HCfE celebrated two major achievements: being honoured as among the best entrepreneurship research centres in the world by the AACSB accreditation agency's Spotlight Challenge and releasing its 10-year plan for the future as part of its 10th anniversary.

In addition to its research focus, HCfE is also heavily involved in the delivery of entrepreneurship education within Henley Business School and across the University of Reading, conducting several modules that are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. HCfE faculty are responsible for the portfolio of programmes in entrepreneurship, which include the MSc Entrepreneurship for postgraduate students and BSc Business and Management for undergraduate students. An active community of PhD research students pursuing doctoral research the area of entrepreneurship are also supervised and supported by HCfE faculty - details on applying for the PhD course can be found here.

HCfE's focus on teaching entrepreneurship goes beyond the classroom, as we have a firm belief in putting entrepreneurship into practice for students, alumni and the local business community. A wide range of activities, including the facilitation of student placements to improve their employability, the provision of extracurricular initiatives and supporting the growth of local SMEs, are all led by HCfE to ensure that the Thames Valley area has a vibrant and thriving entrepreneurial future.

Initiatives for our students include our annual IDEAFEST Student Business Idea Competition to find the student with the best business idea, the hands-on Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp to turn a business idea into a reality, the Greenshoots Seed Finance Award Scheme that nurtures new start-ups, the Entrepreneurship Vibes week of events, and the weekly appointments at our Business Idea and Start-Up Clinic where our faculty offer practical and individually tailored advice on the first steps towards starting a business. We also have our student-led Entrepreneurship Society programme of events and the shared collaborative workspace of the Entrepreneurship Hub.

Entrepreneurship for local businesses and alumni covers the ways that we support our former students and businesses across the Thames Valley, with visa endorsement applications for recent graduates and submissions for angel investment through Henley Business Angels.

HCfE is led by both Jurek Sikorski, the Executive Director, and Professor Andrew Godley, the Academic Director, with Professor Maks Belitski covering as the Acting Academic Director.

Keep up to date with all HCfE's news by having a look at our biannual newsletter, which you can read here.

Upcoming events and latest news

Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship runs a variety of events every year, targeted at both current students and local businesses. Please see below for our upcoming events and all our news within the research centre.

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For more information please contact Alex Baker.

Telephone: 0118 3788691