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Henley Greenshoots Seed Finance Award Scheme


Greenshoots is targeted at businesses recently launched by students and graduates of the University of Reading, including the Henley Business School. Particular interest is sought from businesses that have occupied either the Henley Start-Up Business Incubator or the Entrepreneurship Hub and those who have previously participated in the IDEAFEST Student Business Idea Competition and the Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp that have gone on to start a business.

For 2023, the following eight companies were chosen as the Greenshoots award winners:

- BloodMatch, a health-tech platform founded by Nor El Islam Messedad, which connects compatible blood donors with patients in need of a match.

- InvestorPro Academy, an online education platform and community founded by Brandon Bradford, which teaches beginner traders and investors about stocks, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

- LetPlant, a proptech and biotech app founded by Tolu Abdulsalam, which a uses a remotely controlled smart planter system to allow customers to monitor and optimise the growth and health of their plants.

- LOJUTU, a software development company founded by John Ayodele, which has developed a financial literacy and wealth-building app called Realise that acts as a savings, investments and fundraising platform.

- Phytapanel Agriculture, a deployable indoor farm business founded by Korntawat Somwong, which uses a fan, a filtration panel and air quality sensors to grow microgreens.

- Pop Lids, a producer of reusable lids founded by Conor McNamara, which seeks to revolutionise disposable takeaway coffees by to reducing plastic waste.

- Prink, an event marketplace app founded by William Trevis, which aims to connect university students through a digital 'town square' of events in halls accommodation and across campus.

- Soluta Fintech, an alternative investment platform founded by Yasuki Matsuzaki and Romeo Lucarelli, which individuals and businesses can use to make environmentally sustainable financial decisions and manage their portfolios.

The awards will be presented at the Henley Greenshoots Seed Finance Award Scheme Ceremony, taking place on 27 June 2023 at 10:00am in room G15 of the Henley Business School building, Whiteknights campus, with an option to dial in for those unable to attend in person. Register to attend the Henley Greenshoots Seed Finance Award Scheme Ceremony here.

To be eligible for Greenshoots funding, businesses must be incorporated at/after 1 August 2021 and meet the eligibility criteria as more specifically described below:

- Entrants must be students or graduates of the University of Reading or Henley Business School - graduates must have graduated in 2022 or later

- Entrants can be individuals or teams

- Entrants must be permanent UK residents or, in the case of non-EEA students or graduates, hold an appropriate visa and have been living in the UK for the duration of their University of Reading or Henley Business School studies

- Start-up must be registered as a trading company in the UK

- All entrants must be at least 18 years old

- Entrants must own a majority share (>50%) in the start-up

- Students who set up businesses as a result of their course (e.g. BA Entrepreneurship) or module (e.g. Applied Entrepreneurship) are eligible

- HCfE reserves the right to check the personal details provided by the entrants on entry to make sure that you meet the awards eligibility criteria

- Previous recipients of a Greenshoots award are ineligible

Greenshoots is sponsored and supported by Santander Universities.

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For more information please contact Alex Baker.

Telephone: 0118 3788691