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Entrepreneurship Vibes

Entrepreneurship Vibes is an annual event led by Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship with the purpose of showing all University of Reading and Henley Business School students the exciting ways they can get involved with entrepreneurship on campus.


The event features everything from past students outlining the ways that HCfE helped them on their journey to live networking through the 'e-buddy' scheme. It is primarily targeted at all students on entrepreneurial modules, but other students are welcome to attend too.

Students don’t need any prior knowledge of entrepreneurship to join in with Entrepreneurship Vibes, just an interest in some day starting their own business. Find out how Entrepreneurship Vibes helps foster an entrepreneurial mindset by taking a look at our video here.

In tandem with the Entrepreneurship Vibes event, Dr Lebene Soga is also leading the Creative Spark COVID-19 Challenge. Being an entrepreneur is all about solving problems and finding new solutions - that's why this competition is for students to make a video about a business idea that addresses a problem caused by COVID-19.

The video should include all of the following:

- An explanation of a problem that COVID-19 has either caused or exacerbated

- A business idea that addresses the aforementioned problem

- A description of how the business idea will make money

- A summary of how the prize money for winning the Creative Spark COVID-19 Challenge will help turn that business idea into a reality

The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2021 and there is a prize of up to £500 for the best video, along with mentoring from members of HCfE's faculty to further develop the business idea. To view the standard of videos we are looking for, have a look at the videos featured in the Creative Spark IDEAFEST Promotional Video Competition, which can be viewed here.

Please note that all videos entered to the Creative Spark COVID-19 Challenge must cover all the following criteria:

- Entered by at least one current student at the University of Reading or Henley Business School (e-buddy teams from Entrepreneurship Vibes are particularly encouraged to apply, but other students are also welcome)

- Maximum runtime of five minutes

- Submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link by email to


The 2020 Entrepreneurship Vibes event took place on 22 October 2020, with students that attended hugely positive about their experience. A full news release on the event will be posted in the near future.

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