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Research projects and publications

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Current JMCR research interests and projects

  • Developing best practice in communication and evaluation
    Strategic Partner: UK Government communication service, GCS
    Lead: Prof. K. Money who sits as a full member of the evaluation council of the UK government

  • Developing multi-stakeholder insights and dashboards in relation to mental health
    Strategic partner: South West London and St Georges Health Trust
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, P. Molyneux and Dr A. Saraeva

  • Developing a model of responsible tax paying
    Strategic partner: Deloitte
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, Prof. C. Brooks and Prof. C. Hillenbrand

  • Understanding drivers of youth volunteering
    Strategic partner: “step up to serve” organisation, “” campaign
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, Associate Prof. J. Bartels and Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez

  • Understanding the Decision-Making of Retail Investors: impact of emotions and cognitive biases on financial decision
    ESRC funded project
    Lead: Prof. C. Brooks, Prof. C. Hillenbrand and Prof. K. Money

  • Developing functional identities project
    Strategic partner: Forgiveness Project and Perspective Media
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, D. Rob, Dr A. Saraeva, Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez and Henley Partnership

  • Understanding the impact of organisational purpose on stakeholder relationships
    Strategic partner: Arthur Page Society
    Lead: Prof. K. Money and B. Edlund

  • Role of Messages and Messengers on Company Reputations
    Lead: Dr A Saraeva, Prof C Hillenbrand, Prof K Money and T Dyson

  • Understanding the drivers of sustainable living and psychological drivers of sustainability
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, S. Pain and Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez

  • Internationalisation of RELATE framework as impact tool
    Tier 1 Project for Impact at UoR
    Lead: Prof. K. Money and Prof. C. Hillenbrand in collaboration with other international partners
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Past and ongoing research projects