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Past and ongoing research interests and Projects

Current PhD and DBA research

  • Naeema Pasha: Resilience in Career Success
  • Naila Zulfa: You are to Whom You Speak: The Moderating Role of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) Audience in The Effect of Customer-Company Identification (CCI) and Customer Satisfaction on WOM
  • Timothy Groves: Developing Models of Leadership and Decision-Making for the Social Sector
  • Samuel Lawal: Response to the Ethical Behaviours of Multinational Corporation

Recent PhD and DBA research

  • Anastasiya Saraeva: Reputation Outcomes, Messages & Communication Channels (2017)
  • Irene Garnelo Gomez: Identity Expression & Motivational Drives in Sustainable Living (2017)
  • James Robey: The Business Case for Sustainability (2016)
  • Simona Cantarella: Decision-making Under Low & High Financial Uncertainty (2016)
  • Nuno DaCamara: The Developmemt & Impact of Organisational Reputation with Employees: Investigating Internal Attitudes & Intentions with an Emotional Lens (2013)
  • Nicola Swan: Giving Community Stakeholders a Voice in Stakeholder Theory (2012)
  • Roger Hayes: Public Diplomacy: At the Intersection of Government, Business & Public Opinion in a Transparent World (2012)
  • Bettina West: Exploring Customer Relationships: The Impact of Social Axioms on Perceptions and Outcomes of Corporate Reputation (2011)