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Reputation and Relationships

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The Centre allows organizations to strengthen the key drivers of successful stakeholder relationships, achieving goals such as customer retention, pro-social outcomes and community impacts. This has helped organizations like Unilever to develop and communicate its Sustainable Living Plan, helped John Lewis with staff and employee happiness work and has helped multiple organizations in the financial service sector to better stakeholder relations.

In 2022, the Centre launched the North-South Impact Partnership which connects African not-for-profit organizations with the Henley Alumni Network.

In 2023, the Centre launched its African sister Centre, the John Madejski Centre for Reputation Africa, marking 15 years history of working with the not-for-profit sector.

From 2025-2030, the Centre is committed to developing new tools to measure reputation and the strength of relationships in less researched areas, such as the not-for-profit sector and the African context, as well as continuing to assist commercial organizations such as McDonalds improving healthy eating choices, and SAP to improve their partner-customer relationships.

Current JMCR research interests and projects

  • Developing best practice in communication and evaluation
    Strategic Partner: UK Government communication service, GCS
    Lead: Prof. K. Money who sits as a full member of the evaluation council of the UK government

  • Developing multi-stakeholder insights and dashboards in relation to mental health
    Strategic partner: South West London and St Georges Health Trust
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, P. Molyneux and Dr A. Saraeva

  • Developing a model of responsible tax paying
    Strategic partner: Deloitte
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, Prof. C. Brooks and Prof. C. Hillenbrand

  • Understanding drivers of youth volunteering
    Strategic partner: “step up to serve” organisation, “” campaign
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, Associate Prof. J. Bartels and Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez

  • Understanding the Decision-Making of Retail Investors: impact of emotions and cognitive biases on financial decision
    ESRC funded project
    Lead: Prof. C. Brooks, Prof. C. Hillenbrand and Prof. K. Money

  • Developing functional identities project
    Strategic partner: Forgiveness Project and Perspective Media
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, D. Rob, Dr A. Saraeva, Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez and Henley Partnership

  • Understanding the impact of organisational purpose on stakeholder relationships
    Strategic partner: Arthur Page Society
    Lead: Prof. K. Money and B. Edlund

  • Role of Messages and Messengers on Company Reputations
    Lead: Dr A Saraeva, Prof C Hillenbrand, Prof K Money and T Dyson

  • Understanding the drivers of sustainable living and psychological drivers of sustainability
    Lead: Prof. K. Money, S. Pain and Dr I. Garnelo-Gomez

  • Internationalisation of RELATE framework as impact tool
    Tier 1 Project for Impact at UoR
    Lead: Prof. K. Money and Prof. C. Hillenbrand in collaboration with other international partners
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Past and ongoing research projects