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Centre for Euro-Asian Studies chosen to carry out research through Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

The topic for the CEAS' research is an impact case for the Research Excellence Framework 2029. It will analyse the organisational characteristics of companies in the music industry, how they use innovation in designing and changing their business models and how such changes affected their organisational resilience and behaviour during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several Henley Business School undergraduate students will be recruited on placements to help with the project, giving them a chance to gain hands-on research experience in investigating organisational resilience. The placement will focus on empirical analysis of the organisational resilience of the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, exploring the withstanding crisis (immediate response) and the recovery from the crisis (post-hoc response). Following prior empirical and theoretical research on how to innovate business models, information about various organisational characteristics of the firms will be collected (e.g. creativity skills of employees, firms' growth and related challenges, customers and current markets and innovation performance).