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Strategic action plans for rental housing for internal migrants in Kochi Municipal Corporation

Indian Housing

The 2021 fieldwork in the KMC area shows that there were sizeable numbers of pavement dwellers in Kochi before the COVID pandemic. Reportedly, all of them are migrants and most are workers, though there are some beggars. The study within the settlements shows that the migrant population is relatively stable in Kochi settlements. Most migrants arrive as couples whose children are cared for at their home locations. Most occupy a room that is adjacent to a house of a local family with whom they may or may not share toilet facilities. Public toilets within settlements are also available to the migrant families. Water is accessed through public water taps and solid waste management systems exist. Critical issues are a degree of overcrowding in some instances, lack of building upkeep, including the presence of leaking structures, lack of environmentally safe sanitation and the threat of flooding that occurs every year. Relationships between migrants and the local population seem generally good. Four strands of strategic actions that draw upon the 2021 fieldwork results, as well as wider sources, are recommended.

Overall Strategic Action Plan Final 2021