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How can Henley Careers work with you?

  1. We offer all MBAs valuable professional skill development delivery in areas such as your Strengths for Career Development and Leadership, using Strengthscopeâ„¢ to help you understand:
    1. Your personality and performance strengths
    2. The tasks and activities that are most likely to energise you and lead to high levels of engagement
    3. The likely consequences of using your strengths too much, too little or in a way that isn''t appropriate for the situation
    4. The extent to which you apply your strengths optimally in the way you approach your work
  2. You will have one-on-one coaching with professional, qualified Career Consultants, all of whom have worked in industry;
  3. You can attend a number of alumni events and speaker engagements all designed to assist our students in meeting career goals by widening awareness and deepening knowledge;
  4. We also offer professional workshops and seminars that allow Henley MBAs to develop skills that will enhance their success on the job market.

Check out our new Spring Careers and Professional Development events brochure and MBA tools and resources leaflets.

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