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Teaching and Learning

Our Teaching & Learning initiatives exist are designed to enhance the student experience at Henley, whether that is ensuring the availability of excellent study resources, supporting the mental well-being of our student body or helping to ensure all students are able to afford access the same study experiences.

We are consistently developing ways for us to ensure that our students are getting the best experience, and an availability of funds that can support these, and future initiatives is crucial to ensuring our academics and students can create the best teaching and learning experience for all, such as our Student Experience Fund.

Your support can help expose our students to opportunities such as international study; mentoring and personal development experiences that can help make them aware of the truly diverse nature of business as a global concept, helping them to become global citizens.

An enhanced student learning experience does not just benefit our current students and staff, but also benefits the prospective employers of our students, who can be confident in the knowledge that Henley Business School graduates have everything at their disposal during their studies with us to excel.

Businesses can support us through initiatives such as the Henley Corporate Patron programme, aimed at working with key employers to develop the workforce of the future and ensuring our students get critical experience to become the effective workforce of tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Corporate Patron, giving as an individual or discussing a particular campaign then please email our Development Team at or call on +(0)118 378 4195.