Support Henley

There are a number of ways in which everyone, both individuals and corporates, whether you are a member of Henley's alumni network or not, can get involved and make a difference.

Become a donor

Henley was the first business school in the UK and remains one of the most respected schools in world. Proud of its heritage, triple-accredited status and international reach, Henley’s vision is to build upon its success and to constantly deliver the unique Henley experience to students across the world.

It is critical to the success of Henley’s future that we are able to turn to the support and involvement of our global community, and in doing so create a network of benefactors who will help to shape the future of Henley Business School.

You can make a donation to Henley Business School at any time online, or call +44 (0)118 378 4195.

Why give?

  • You can help empower individuals to become great professionals and the outstanding leaders of tomorrow, by helping them access a world-class education.
  • You can help our faculty continue to produce outstanding research, which will maintain and strengthen Henley's position among the world's leading business schools.
  • Your support can help expose our students to opportunities such as international study; mentoring and personal development experiences that can help make them aware of the truly diverse nature of business as a global concept, helping them to become global citizens.
  • You can enable Henley to invest in projects that have the potential to change lives, but that would not otherwise be possible without the generosity of our donor community.
  • Both you and your company can help our students at all levels to become the effective work force of tomorrow, who are not only equipped with the cutting-edge business theory our faculty provide, but also with real world experience and key knowledge of the current trends and issues in the modern world.

How will your support be used?

We currently have a number of different initiatives that Henley Business School is currently seeking funding for, and that our community of supporters is generously donating towards. Some of our most successful and exciting flagship initiatives to date include:

  • Student Excellence Programme:
    • Ensuring that the most talented students can benefit from a world-class Henley Business School education, regardless of their financial situation, through the provision of bursaries, scholarships and hardship funding.
  • Henley Business School Corporate Patron Programme:
    • Working with internationally leading organisations to ensure that our graduates are ready for the world of work, with the skills and knowledge to make the greatest possible impact on the global stage.

How much?

All contributions, no matter their size, collectively make a significant impact on Henley Business School, and the global community supported and strengthened by Henley Business School initiatives. All contributions to any Business School project are thankfully received, and we are grateful to our incredible body of individual and corporate supporters.


There are many opportunities for our alumni and supporters to volunteer within Henley Business School's community, and help us increase the impact of the fantastic work we are carrying out across the globe. If you are interested in volunteering, then please email our Alumni Relations team on

We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Special Interest Groups: Help a Special Interest Group committee with the delivery of their events.

International Alumni Groups and Associations: Support your regional alumni group with event organisation and communications to strengthen the Henley network in your area.

Student Recruitment Support: Talk to prospective students who are thinking about studying at Henley. We visit countries all over the world and an alumni perspective is invaluable for those making this important decision about their future.

Mentoring: Become a mentor to a student or recent graduate.

Class Reps: Help us get key messages out to your classmates so we can reconnect and strengthen your network.

RG10: Our recent Real Estate & Planning graduates coordinate regular events to support our current students. Join the team if you graduated from REP within the last 10 years.

Class Speakers: We are always interested to hear from volunteers who could offer their expertise and industry insights to our current students.

Success Stories: We are so proud of our alumni successes. Tell us about your special achievement so that we can share it with our community.

Fundraising Support: We'd love to hear from alumni who can help us raise philanthropic funds to support our students.