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There are many opportunities for our alumni and supporters to volunteer their time and expertise within Henley’s worldwide community and help us increase the impact of the fantastic work we are carrying out across the globe.

This can be supporting the delivery of our events and networking programmes, whether by speaking or sourcing venues or sitting as alumni and industry representatives on our committees based across the world.

Many of our alumni support student recruitment by meeting with potential students to offer their advice and perspective, whilst others help to raise funds by and awareness for projects and initiatives as Henley ambassadors.

A key role that many members of our community fulfil is partaking in our mentoring programmes to support current students or recent graduates as they consider the world of work.

If you are interested in volunteering, then please email our Alumni Relations team at or on +(0)118 378 4195.

You can discover more about our regional group and alumni activities on our networking platform Henley Live.