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Essential Apprenticeship Guides

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Apprenticeships are an excellent way for you to enhance skills and build capability within your organisation. The Henley Essential Apprenticeship Guides share ideas and recommendations for different stakeholders – employers, line managers and apprentices, to enable you to gain the most from working with Henley and our apprenticeship programmes.

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Understanding apprenticeship terminology

For: Employers | Line managers | Apprentices

Apprenticeships come with a vocabulary that can sometimes be technical and unfamiliar. This guide aims to provide a point of reference to help you get to grips with unfamiliar terminology.

Introducing higher and degree apprenticeships

For: Employers

This guide introduces higher and degree apprenticeships for employers and individuals who want to know more about their options.

Launching an apprenticeship scheme

For: Employers

Understand how to plan to deliver apprenticeships in your organisation and how to mobilise wider stakeholder engagement.

Onboarding a cohort

For: Employers | Line managers

This guide helps you select your apprentices from within your organisation and get them started on the programme.

Helping your apprentices build a support network

For: Employers | Line managers

This guide explains how to help apprentices build a support network and outlines the responsibilities for each role.

Supporting an apprentice as a line manager

For: Line managers

This guide contains ideas and recommendations for line managers on how to make a real difference to the progress of the apprentices.

Succeeding as an apprentice

For: Apprentices

A guide to help apprentices make the most of their learning opportunity and have an impact on their organisation.

Creating an impactful work-based project

For: Employers | Line managers

This guide contains ideas on how you can best support your apprentice and help them use their work-based project to positively impact your organisation.

Working with your apprenticeship tutor

For: Apprentices | Line managers

This guide helps you to get the maximum benefit from your relationship with your tutor.

Understanding off-the-job training

For: Employers | Line managers | Apprentices

This guide summarises the requirements of off-the-job learning and explains how Henley works with you to deliver impactful off-the-job training experiences.

Developing your English and maths skills

For: Apprentices

We want to provide you with the help you need to develop your English and maths skills. This guide will help you navigate what is on offer and find the support you need.

Understanding end-point assessment

For: Employers | Line managers

End-point assessment (EPA) is the culmination of your apprentice’s learning journey. This guide aims to clarify your role as an employer in this process.

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