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A strategic approach

We see the Levy as a critical change in how workplace skills are developed. Our clients can expect the same level of expertise and support that we have always provided but it can now be funded by the Levy.

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We’ve invested in specialists who understand the Levy and can work with you to identify your current and future organisational challenges and optimise the use of the Levy to implement strategic plans. Our approach exploits the unique qualities that businesses have come to expect from Henley Business School. You can take advantage of some of the best academics in the world, working on research programmes that can help your organisations to navigate through the challenges in their business.

For us, the Levy is a development fund that can help your organisation to implement change.


The Levy is new, and there are a number of new rules to understand. The Business School have invested in a team of people to understand the Levy and its application. There are two ways that we can support our clients.

1. Business

As part of our relationship with each client, we will undertake a scoping exercise of the organisation. Taking into consideration, current training demands, and strategic objectives, we will create the businesses’ Levy Plan. The plan will cover recommendations for all programmes fundable via the Levy and not just the ones delivered by the business school. We will identify the correct Standards to employ, and create a budget to ensure that the Levy Plan maximises funds and meets our client’s strategic objectives.

2. Learners

We recognise that going back to learning after a long period can be daunting. Each of our clients will be assigned an Apprenticeship Tutor to support each learner through the programme, whether face to face, over the phone or by email/video conferencing.

Return on Investment

Organisational benefits

  • A team of leaders who are equipped to meet your most important business challenges – and drive growth in your organisation
  • More rounded employees who will contribute to your business by innovating, changing cultures, implementing new projects, challenging stereotypes and improving workplace relationships
  • Improved recruitment and staff retention with world-class training on the table
  • Maximum return on your Levy investment
  • Hdr Greenlands

Employee benefits

  • Depending on the chosen programme - they receive a degree or valuable qualification from Henley Business School, validated by the University of Reading
  • They could become a Chartered Manager and a member of the CMI depending on the programme
  • They will enjoy all the benefits being a member of the Henley Alumni. Henley Business School now has more than 80,000 members in 160 countries and is one of the most distinguished alumni programmes in the world.

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Henley Apprenticeship Levy Team

Contact the team for more information about Henley's apprenticeship levy programmes and service.

Telephone: 01491418733