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How Henley works with you

Apps one to one

Common challenges facing today's organisations include recovering from the pandemic and supporting new work styles. These, combined with the challenges specific to the organisation, can drive the need for transformation and change.

We deliver contextualised apprenticeship content with flexible cohort options to meet your organisation's needs.

The opportunity for your organisation

Apprenticeships are a way for your organisation to overcome its strategic challenges and unlock the potential of your workforce. A focus on work-based projects enables your apprentices to apply their enhanced skills and knowledge directly to your organisation’s challenges.

Henley Business School is known for its practical and collaborative approach. We adopt the same principles for our apprenticeships, which deliver much more than theory-based learning. These programmes are designed to create confident and responsible business managers and leaders.

The journey

From application to reviews after programme completion, we provide support during the entire apprenticeship process.

Stage Description
1 We start by working with you to understand how apprenticeships can benefit your organisation. We also disclose any changes to the apprenticeship levy regulations and their potential impacts.
2 We work with you to outline the strategic challenges your organisation wants to address. We then create a project plan and outline the relevant governance terms. Following this, we adapt our content and project work around your organisation's key challenges.
3 Your organisation identifies employees with the potential to benefit from the new skills, knowledge and behaviours on the course. We advise you to put forward skilled, motivated people who are capable of positively impacting your organisation’s future. Henley will ensure these employees qualify for apprenticeship funding.
4 We will induct apprentices to help them make the most of the programme. We also engage with line managers to ensure they know how to support their apprentices, including understanding the details of the programme and requirements for off-the-job training.
5 A combination of tutors and learning coaches* will support employees and their line managers throughout the programme. Apprenticeship tutors generally provide pastoral and learning support and will review and assess the evidence gathered for apprentices' portfolios. Learning coaches typically guide apprentices on how to implement their knowledge in the workplace. As part of this support, we provide monthly reports to track apprenticeship progress against the agreed learning objectives.
6 Each module combines reflective and work-based learning with one-to-one sessions and group masterclasses. We use this blended approach to maximise the benefits for every learner and ensure the programme is relevant to your organisation’s challenges and future direction.
7 Throughout apprentices’ time on our programmes, we evaluate their monthly reports with your Account team. This provides a regular opportunity for your organisation to monitor the impact of the apprenticeship.

How we provide support

We recognise that apprenticeships can be complex, which is why we offer extensive support. The Henley team can help you understand our processes, the levy and its application.

  • Support for organisations - As part of our relationship with you, we can undertake a scoping exercise of your organisation. We then create your business' Levy Plan, which considers your current training demands and strategic objectives. This plan covers recommendations for all programmes fundable via the levy – not just the ones delivered by Henley Business School. We will identify the correct standards to employ and create a budget. This is to ensure that your Levy Plan maximises the available funds and meets your strategic objectives.
  • Support for learners - We recognise that going back to learning after a long period can be daunting. To ease learners into their programmes, they will work with a personal apprenticeship tutor and/or learning coach*. Tutors provide guidance through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email exchanges and video conferences.

Cohort options

Henley offers three cohort types:

  • Closed cohorts – In these cohorts, we contextualise parts of our programme specifically to your organisation's needs. This can help enhance collaboration and transform culture within your organisation. Closed cohorts are available at locations nationwide. A minimum number of learners is required for this cohort type - talk to our apprenticeships team to find out more.
  • Consortium cohorts – This option involves partnering with other organisations to find solutions to common challenges.
  • Open cohorts – We allow a maximum of nine employers per organisation to join these cohorts. This option involves learning with other apprentices from a range of organisations and backgrounds. Open cohorts facilitate networking and out-of-organisation/sector perspectives on your strategic challenges.

* May vary based on the programme.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our apprenticeship programmes, please contact:

Telephone: 0118 378 4030