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The Henley Partnership and your organisation

Corporate Development Services

How The Henley Partnership works for your organisation

1. You help define and develop the events

You can opt to be part of the design process for the programme of events via:

  • Scheduled meetings, including annual 'kick-off design' and 'launch' meetings
  • Informal calls and emails throughout the year
  • 1:1 meeting with the Henley team (ad-hoc).

This enables each event to address current trends whilst also developing the crucial capabilities that create value and improve business performance.

After the programme has been designed, we then draw on speakers and facilitators from Henley Business School and our wider network to bring each event to life. We work with people who understand your business challenges and who deliver inspiring and practical sessions.

2. The events are promoted within your organisation

We work with you to launch and promote the events to your people, such as running facilitated sessions to increase awareness or presenting the programme of events to a group of potential participants. You can benefit from ongoing support and advice throughout the year.

3. You nominate people to attend each event

You book places via our dedicated online portal; places are usually allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

During the planning process we discuss the expected size of the participant group for each event. Marketing materials describing session content also show, for each event, a guide number of places available per member company (usually 3 for online masterclasses, 2 for face-to-face masterclasses, and 30 for webinars).

Contact us

The Henley Partnership

Talk to the team about membership - request a call or ask us a question at:

Telephone: 01491 418 855