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What Do You Do if Your Client Talks About Suicide or Having Suicidal Thoughts? - Anne Archer

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Date 16 January 2023
Time 9:30-10:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price £25 +VAT (FREE to Coaching Centre Members)
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Anne’s first reaction when she was asked this question was to sensitively refer as it felt above her remit and outside her capabilities. Now she knows more, Anne realises that coaches can become part of the solution to ensure suicide becomes one of the most preventable deaths.

This can be a difficult discussion to begin, so the session will start, or continue, the conversation about suicide by taking a three-pronged approach, namely:

• uncovering some of the myths about suicide

• exploring how we can react and respond in a way that attends to risk, stigma and being human

• identifying sources of support and signposting for ourselves and those we coach

Get more insights into how Anne approaches the subject at https://annearcherassociates.c....

Anne Archer

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Anne is proud of the work she does with coaches and coach supervisors around suicide and the continuum of mental health (she is a qualified supervisor and PCC). Regarding this work specifically, she is a suicide prevention and first aid tutor (National Centre for Suicide Prevention, Education and Training) and a mental health first aid tutor (MHFA England), and also runs specific training and facilitates conversations for coaches and coach supervisors. Anne is a crisis line volunteer having regular conversations about suicidal thoughts and/or ideation. She is faculty, accrediting coaches as resilience coaches (an ICF recognised programme). Finally, Anne takes a whole person, whole life approach to prevention, something supported by her MSc in Psychology of Wellbeing.


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