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Leadership Impact Festival 2023

Henley Centre for Leadership Impact Festival
Event information
Date 1 June 2023
Time 9:00-18:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus
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What's in it for me?

Not your typical conference, the event focuses on creating sustained impact. Our festival design and resourceful voices from practitioners, academics and alumni create rich and tangible learning. This helps you as a leader make a difference in your personal context, regardless of your position, role or company.

Why 're-imagining leadership: for what and for who'?

The idea and practice of leadership as been under pressure - for decades! The festival re-imagines leadership to re-shape and lead its future. Focus on positive practices of leading and developing. Being a force for good in society, communities, for people. Leadership everyone engages with.

  • One-day programme structured as a journey of opportunities before, during and after the festival
  • Giving participants the tools and mindset needed to make change in their personal context and organisations
  • Curated opportunities to network, reflect and work with likeminded individuals
  • Hosted at Greenlands, a place to pause, debate and reflect on learning


Mark Ridley

Savills - Global and Group Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Seabright

Creative Land Trust - Chief Executive Officer

(Formerly) Eden Project - Chief Executive

Paul Orajiaka

Auldon Limited - Chief Executive Officer

Marija Rompani

John Lewis Partnership - Director of Sustainability and Ethics

Hosted by

Professor Bernd Vogel

Henley Business School - Director, Henley Centre for Leadership and Henley Centre for Leadership Africa

Christoph Raudonat

Oracle Solicitors - Chief Governance Officer

Henley Business School
- Deputy Chair of the Alumni and Development Board

Why a festival?

In the tradition of a fe-stə-vəl the Leadership Impact Festival by the Henley Centre for Leadership (LIFT@HCL) is an annual gathering. It is about celebrating and hearing voices of resourceful and eye-opening insights from practitioners, academics, alumni, movers and shakers - as a growing community. A festival also is deep deliberating and co-creating tangible insights and outputs for leadership and leadership development practice in business and society.

Who will you join?

To break typical leadership echo chambers, we curate different voices to cross-pollinate. As contributor and ambassador of the festival, you meet and work with practitioners, academics, thought and action leader, policy people or boundary spanner and their leadership insights. We welcome people from everywhere in organisations: executives, managers, informal leaders, development experts. You will meet alumni and students of Henley Business School.

Why impact?

We do not have the luxury anymore to not make this impactful. This gathering shifts the leadership and development agenda, themes and action. In essence the festival is a journey. Attendees are contributors and ambassadors for festival insights and outputs. To guarantee sustained post-festival activities, impact and momentum. And to do so, this is an accessible and sustainable festival.

What will you and your organisation take away?

The festival focuses on tangible and rich learning and outputs. We influence leadership of the participants and organisations with clear ideas and practices put into personal contexts, considering leadership transformation projects, successful leadership cases, or nudging personal leadership mindsets. We might seek pledges for leadership re-imagined, develop post festival projects, define pressing leadership topics. All of which is to enable ownership of post-festival leadership action and impact on organisational and societal issues. We will reconnect after the festival for your stories and contributions.

Contact us

Alex Baker

For more information please contact Email:
Telephone: 0118 3788691
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