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Engaging leadership

Henley Centre for Leadership

The Henley Centre for Leadership is a hub for developing leaders at all levels through innovative research, transformative conversations and impactful learning.

Developing, sustaining, and transforming leadership

The Henley Centre for Leadership is a community of scholars and leaders striving to tackle challenging leadership issues, transform leadership and create positive change in organisations, communities and society. We are committed to enhancing the study and practice of leadership by developing leaders, engaging in knowledge exchange and co-creating future-focused strategies.

Our strategic ambitions

Research Education Community
To be internationally recognised as a leading voice for innovative research, addressing contemporary leadership and leadership development challenges. To provide a generative learning environment where individual learners and organisations thrive. To connect scholars, organisations and society in transformational conversations in local and global contexts to influence practice and policy.

What we value

We value leadership as a pluralistic set of perspectives, concepts, and practices. Central to our views are:

  • Shared purposes and responsibility - everyone’s contribution to leading is essential.
  • Leading happens over time with multiple people, in teams, as a practice that can involve the entire workforce and the societal level.
  • Our inclusive leadership approach reflects the complex challenges individuals, organisations and society face today and in the future.

We advance multiple routes of leadership development as avenues to generating strong, positive and inclusive leadership cultures. Creating and employing exceptional and demanding practices and processes of developing leadership in all members of organisations will drive the evolution of leadership as a force for organisational and societal good.

The Henley Centre for Leadership, founded in 2013, honours and advances Henley Business School's strong heritage and reputation as a pioneer in the thinking and practice of leadership and its development.

Our strategic areas of expertise and curiosity and strategic pathways of engagement

To pursue our purpose the Henley Centre for Leadership focuses on three strategic areas of expertise and curiosity. Our community engages in developing, sustaining and transforming leadership.

We advance those areas of expertise and curiosity along three strategic pathways of engagement: research, education and community.

Henley Centre for Leadership Blogs

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The Henley Centre for Leadership supports the Henley MA in Leadership. This is a part time programme that provides an intensive and personal leadership development experience to current and future leaders.

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