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Projects and activities

Our strategic areas of expertise and curiosity


  • Creating leadership for tomorrow's world through capability and capacity
  • Enhancing the repertoire of leadership styles and collective leadership
  • Building personal development and reflective practice
  • Bridging the knowing-doing gap to operationalise sustainable leadership
  • Delivering new forms of leadership development


  • Creating healthy and energised organisations
  • Diagnosing the quality of an organisation's leadership
  • Driving resilience and mitigating stress in the workplace
  • Mapping momentum to sustain engagement and performance


  • Generating the many benefits of diverse and inclusive organisations
  • Envisioning impactful change and embracing complexity
  • Imagining the future of leadership
  • Leveraging teams as nuclei for creativity and innovation
  • Capitalising on leadership in digital environments

Our three strategic pathways of engagement




We embrace the richness and diversity of research and thus pursue multidisciplinary and inclusive approaches towards leadership and leadership development. We build academic expertise within the group to ensure that each person is working towards their interests and strengths in terms of high-impact academic and practice-oriented outputs.

Our commitment to education is underpinned by our ambitions to develop and transform peoples' lives, advance institutions' journeys and create positive change regarding current and future societal goals. Through a variety of stakeholders, this evidence-based foundation ensures an informed progression of leadership.

We have energising relationships with our key stakeholders to address and co-create new leadership expertise, which results in implementable leadership development and real-life change.

A list of our research activities is provided below. Please also see our members tab for further information on individual research areas.

Some of our education activities are outlined below.

Some of our community activities are detailed below.

Research Activities

  • Relevant and impactful faculty and doctoral research
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary studies
  • Integration of knowledge generation and practice impact
  • Partnerships with international academics, institutions and research centres
  • HCL Lab
  • HCL research environment: paper development sessions, research seminars, writing workshops and a research visits programme

Education Activities

  • Henley MA Leadership, the programme for experienced managers for which HCL is the intellectual and learning design home
  • Leadership modules on undergraduate and taught postgraduate degrees
  • The Henley MBA modules in Leadership and Change or Personal Development
  • Developing the leadership potential of our doctoral researchers
  • The Henley Partnership, for which HCL partners with the Henley Partnership to provide a series of masterclasses
  • HCL's members of faculty are involved in various Executive Education programmes
  • HCL's members of faculty are also involved in a number of outreach programmes where Henley Business School's heritage and expertise are respected to deliver transformational learning

Community Activities

  • 'Leadership Gems - a conversation with…' - an interview series with leaders from a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds, discussing their leadership experiences, practices and philosophy, as well as their personal learning and light-bulb moments through their career
  • Lab workshops to bring leaders from world class organisations together with one another and academic experts, with the shared goal of analysing leadership challenges and insights
  • Blogs and podcasts
  • Academic and practice conferences
  • Research seminars
  • Henley Alumni Special Interest Group Leadership of Change
  • In line with the University of Reading strategy on creating community, we aspire to create community outreach to share good leadership practice and transform society

Research projects

Contact us

Professor Bernd Vogel

For more information please contact Professor Bernd Vogel, the HCL Director.

Telephone: 01491 414548