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Staff members and partners

Staff Members

Dr Amal Ahmadi

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Dr Ana Graca

Lecturer in Leadership

Professor Bernd Vogel

Professor in Leadership, Director of Henley Centre for Leadership

Dr Can Ererdi

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Leadership

Dr Caroline Rook

Lecturer in Leadership

Dr Cheryl Hurst

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Research Methods

Dr Chris Dalton

Associate Professor of Management Learning

Dr Chris Woodrow

Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour

Professor Claire Collins

Emeritus Professor

Professor David Pendleton

Professor in Leadership

Dr Divyata Sohal

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Organisational Behaviour and Knowledge Management

Professor Jean-Anne Stewart

Professor of Leadership Development

Professor Karen Jansen

Professor in Leadership and Change

Dr Lebene Soga

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Dr Loua Khalil

Lecturer in Leadership

Dr Selin Kudret

Associate Professor in Leadership

Dr Sinem Bulkan

Lecturer in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Stephen Simister

Associate Professor of Programme and Change Management

Wendy Suganda

Research Student

The faculty of the centre are covering a range of research areas, outlined below:

  • Diversity in leadership
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • Organisational sustainability and success
  • Leadership development
  • Resilience in leadership
  • Impact of technology on leadership
  • Engaging leadership
  • Personal development, reflection and learning
  • Innovation and decision making in leadership
  • Leading transformational change
  • Energising organisations and senior management teams
  • Intergenerational leadership


Professor (emer.) Victor Dulewicz

Dr Malcolm Higgs

Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis

Knowledge-based view of leadership, leadership development, identity and hubris.

University of Reading Networks:

Doctoral Researchers

Dissertation Titles

Amal Ahmadi

A Phenomenological Exploration of the Leadership Knowing-Doing Gap, Focusing on the Role of Leader Fear and the Leadership Context.

Faisal Alreshaid

The Co-Creation of Chairman and CEO Roles: A Role Theory and Relational Perspective

Kim Bradley-Cole

Romancing Authenticity... exploring the nature and role of followers' implicit theories of authentic leadership and the contribution of authentic leader behaviours to effective leader-leader relationships.

Phatcharasiri Ratcharak

Emotional Labour Processes in Leader-Follower Role Relationships: The Perspective of Leadership Identity Work

Lebene Soga

The role of Web 2.0 technologies in organisational leadership: An actor-network and practice theory perspective

Sharon Varney

A complexity perspective on organisational change: making sense of emerging patterns in self-organising systems

Contact us

Professor Bernd Vogel

For more information please contact Professor Bernd Vogel, the HCL Director.

Telephone: 01491 414548