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Staff members and partners

The faculty of the centre are covering a range of research areas, outlined below:

- Diversity in leadership

(Professor Claire Collins)

- Organisational behaviour and culture

(Dr Amal Ahmadi, Professor Claire Collins, Dr David Pendleton, Dr Stephen Simister)

- Organisational sustainability and success

(Professor Abby Ghobadian)

- Leadership development

(Dr Amal Ahmadi, Dr David Pendleton, Professor Jean-Anne Stewart, Professor Bernd Vogel)

- Entrepreneurial/SME leadership

(Dr Amal Ahmadi, Professor Jean-Anne Stewart)

- Resilience in leadership

(Dr Caroline Rook)

- Impact of technology on leadership

(Dr Lebene Soga)

- Engaging leadership

(Professor Karen Jansen, Professor Bernd Vogel)

- Personal development, reflection and learning

(Dr Chris Dalton, Professor Jean-Anne Stewart)

- Innovation and decision making in leadership

(Dr Ana Graça, Professor Bernd Vogel)

- Leading transformational change

(Professor Karen Jansen, Dr Stephen Simister)

- Leadership within teams

(Dr Ana Graça, Dr David Pendleton)

- Energising organisations and senior management teams

(Professor Bernd Vogel)

- Intergenerational leadership

(Professor Jean-Anne Stewart)


Professor (emer.) Victor Dulewicz

Dr Malcolm Higgs

Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis

Knowledge-based view of leadership, leadership development, identity and hubris.

University of Reading Networks:

Doctoral Researchers

Dissertation Titles

Amal Ahmadi

A Phenomenological Exploration of the Leadership Knowing-Doing Gap, Focusing on the Role of Leader Fear and the Leadership Context.

Faisal Alreshaid

The Co-Creation of Chairman and CEO Roles: A Role Theory and Relational Perspective

Kim Bradley-Cole

Romancing Authenticity... exploring the nature and role of followers' implicit theories of authentic leadership and the contribution of authentic leader behaviours to effective leader-leader relationships.

Phatcharasiri Ratcharak

Emotional Labour Processes in Leader-Follower Role Relationships: The Perspective of Leadership Identity Work

Lebene Soga

The role of Web 2.0 technologies in organisational leadership: An actor-network and practice theory perspective

Sharon Varney

A complexity perspective on organisational change: making sense of emerging patterns in self-organising systems

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Professor Bernd Vogel

For more information please contact Professor Bernd Vogel, the HCL Director.

Telephone: 01491 414548