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The Henley Centre for Leadership Lab

A unique consortium of international organisations

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Why do we call it a Lab?

In all fields of excellence, combining expertise in practice with scientific research is essential to success. Leadership is no different. The HCL Lab is a place of learning and study for leadership excellence. It brings leaders from world class organisations into an equal alliance with one another and academic experts, with the shared goal of analysing, discovering and progressing. It is an exciting, symbiotic process.

What are the key activities in the Lab?

  • Peer-to-peer learning workshops: eight quarterly one-and-a-half day workshops over two years, with managers from all participating organisations
  • In-depth research studies: a series of in-depth studies by HCL faculty inside each Lab organisation
  • Dissemination of the Lab's findings into the Lab organisations

Who are the Lab organisations?

A range of non-competitive organisations from the private, public and third sector.

Why should you join the Lab?

Our highly connected digital world constantly confronts organisations with new challenges for leadership. With its unique programme that integrates peer-to-peer learning and in-depth research, the Lab unpacks your critical leadership issues and acts as a catalyst for the discovery of new insights and practices of leadership.

What are the benefits for Lab partners?

  • Support for delivery of strategic objectives by transforming leadership thinking and practice
  • Analysis of Lab organisations' specific leadership challenges
  • A network of outstanding managers from other Lab organisations
  • Personal leadership growth of participating managers
  • Reputational gain by being at forefront of novel leadership approaches
  • First hand access to business-focused research results
  • A network of experts - HCL faculty, renowned scholars and practitioners

What mind-set are we looking for in Lab organisations?

  • The appetite for excellence in leadership
  • The courage to challenge, expand and change leadership paradigms
  • The enthusiasm to share, learn and collaborate

What specific contributions do we ask for from each Lab organisation?

  • Commit to a two year collaboration
  • Nominate 10-12 open-minded senior managers, five of which attend each workshop
  • Give access for research studies inside the Lab organisation
  • Host a workshop

Contact us

Professor Bernd Vogel

For more information please contact Professor Bernd Vogel, the HCL Director.

Telephone: 01491 414548