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Event information
Date 11 September 2019
Time 8:00-16:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus
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What will your workplace look like in 2035? Will you even have a workplace? Will you have human workmates? Will you even work?

Join us on 12 September 2019 to hear from a range of fantastic speakers talk about how you and your team can prepare for the future world of work - whether that's in the next couple of years or the next ten to twenty years! This is an important topic to talk about with the added bonus of getting out of the office to hear from experts and meet like-minded people.

At the conference we will discuss:

  • Work spaces of the future
  • How diversity and inclusion will be part of the future of work
  • How leadership will be influenced by technology
  • The future of money

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  • Naeema Pasha - Director of Henley Careers and WOW at Henley Business School
  • Jacqueline Davies - Past Master at Guild of HR and HRD at the Financial Conduct Authority, Managing Director at Audacity Associates (and our compere!)
  • Richard Potter - Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft
  • Peter Cheese - CEO at CIPD
  • Hanna Naima McCloskey - CEO & Founder of Fearless Futures
  • Giuseppe Di Fatta - Head of Computer Science at University of Reading
  • Kerry Harrison and Richard Norton - Co-Founders of Tiny Giant
  • Hema Bakhshi - Chief Workplace Officer at Adoptt
  • Chad Wilson - International Product Strategy Manager at Incomm
  • Daniel Kiernan - Careers Consultant at Henley Business School and Andrew Urquhart - Associate Professor of Finance at Henley Business School - find out more about their talk
  • Neil Usher - Author and Chief Workplace Officer at GoSpace and Ginny Gibson - Professor Emeritus at Henley Business School
  • Paul Birt - Head of HR Partnering and lead on Future of Work at Siemens and Harriet Padina -Diversity and Inclusion Community Manager at Siemens
  • Perry Timms - Founder & Chief Energy Officer at PTHR and Matthew Searle - Head of Relationship Management at Henley Business School
  • Wenbin Yao - VP Business Development and Partnerships at Huawei
  • Josie Cluer - Partner at EY
  • Rita Fontinha and James Walker, Lecturers at Henley Business School
  • Claire Collins - Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Henley Business School with
  • Shaheena Janjuha Jivraj - Associate Professor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Henley Business School
  • Ben Elliss - Director of Software Development at Amazon EU Retail

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(Please note, the agenda is subject to change)

A bit about the history of the conferences:

The World of Work conferences were started to create a community of like-minded people who are curious and committed to working together at the forefront of technological change. We want to explore how business education can help shape the future to meet the needs of employers. As the topic is so big, the conferences have had a huge range of speakers from various industries, and this year is no different!

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