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REP research influences government’s Levelling Up White Paper

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Research from the Real Estate and Planning department led by Professor Gavin Parker with Dr Mark Dobson and Dr Tessa Lynn was used to inform the recent government Levelling up White Paper on community engagement in the planning process.

The research paper – titled Community involvement opportunities for the reformed planning system: frontloading and deliberative democracy – looked at the frontloading of participation in the planning system and how it has safeguarded the opportunities for the public to have their say in the planning process at different stages.

The government White Paper, entitled Levelling up the United Kingdom, was released in February 2022 and sets out the practical steps the government plans to take to promote growth and development in the UK.

The research completed at Henley is explicitly referenced in the government’s response to the select committee in May 2022. It was used to reinforce the government’s commitment to ensuring that engagement with communities and neighbourhoods was central to planning systems in the UK.

Gavin Parker

Professor of Planning Studies
Published 9 June 2022
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