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Film exploring ethics of AI, facial recognition and data privacy premieres at Henley Business School

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Privacy Ltd, a new film examining the technological advancements and ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition technology (FRT) and data privacy in society premiered at Henley Business School on Wednesday 25 January.

To coincide with Data Privacy Day on 28 January, academics from Henley Business School and the University of Reading appeared in the documentary film alongside industry experts from Emteq Labs, Facewatch and Know Your Day, as well as lobbyist Privacy International.

Privacy Ltd, which has been produced by Henley Business School and MotionBlurr Studios, shines a light on AI and FRT technology within a work setting, which can range from productivity monitoring software in an office environment, to image capture technology in supermarkets.

The film examines the practical and ethical implications of such technology and the impact it is starting to have on our everyday lives.

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More than 100 people attended the premiere screening at Henley Business School's Whiteknights Campus in Reading. The screening was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A featuring Henley academics Dr Adenyinke Adewale and Dr Markos Kyritsis, the film's presenter and Financial Times technology reporter Cristina Criddle, RUSU President Sheldon Allen, and IBM UK's Director of Research Dr Peter Waggett.

Professor Keiichi Nakata, Head of Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting (BISA) at Henley Business School, said: "We are seeing AI and FRT technologies being used more and more in the workplace and everyday life. But the more we use this technology, there is more chance that negative consequences could be inadvertently introduced.

"The implications and the scale by which personal data can now be analysed and misused may not be fully understood yet. And if data has been collected regarding individuals, not only could this be invading a person’s privacy, but it could also turn out to be very harmful."

The film features experts from Emteq Labs, Privacy International and Know Your Day, alongside Professor Nakata, Dr Giannis Haralabopoulos (BISA - Henley), Professor Kevin Money (Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation - Henley), Dr Katie Gray (Psychology - University of Reading) and Başak Bak (Law - University of Reading).

Published 27 January 2023
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