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Professor David Pendleton

Programme Director, High Performance Leadership (live-online)

Professor in Leadership

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Room GB6, Greenlands campus

Professor David Pendleton is a Professor in Leadership at Henley Business School, where he works extensively in executive education.

As a business psychologist, educator, consultant and author, David has published extensively on medical communication in healthcare and on organisational leadership. His latest work on leadership, authored with Professor Adrian Furnham of the Norwegian School of Business and Jon Cowell of the Edgecumbe Consulting Group, is titled Leadership: No More Heroes and is in its third edition (published by Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2021). His other latest book, Work-Life Matters, was also published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2021 and offers a sideways look at work-life balance and an introduction to job-crafting, along with reviewing the history and future of work and highlighting the need to fit jobs to people rather than the reverse.

David completed a doctorate in psychology at Oxford University and devoted the first half of his career to research and teaching in doctor-patient communication. As a consultant he has worked on four continents and in all sectors: commercial, public and charity. He was co-founder and executive chairman of the Edgecumbe Consulting Group from 1995-2015. During his career, he also lived and worked in Hong Kong (1993-1995) and was seconded to Innogy PLC to be the Director of People and Organisation Development (2001-2003).

HPL: Module 1

In this module you will: Identify the challenges leaders faceReview the Primary Colours® approach to leadershipLook at the evidence that led to the formulation of the modelBefore the next module...

HPL: Module 2

In this module you will explore:Personality in leadershipThe tasks of leadership and how they relate to each otherUsing NEO and 360 to build insight into how your personality helps and...

HPL: Module 3

In this module you will put your leadership approach into practice and identify your capabilities as a leader. Before the next module begins, you will: Discuss team leadership and the...

HPL: Module 4

In this module you will:Explore how to overcome hindrances to implementationIdentify your developmental opportunitiesUnderstand resilience and practical suggestions on how to sustain it...

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