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Dr Andrea Tresidder

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Deputy Director of Studies, Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Department Graduation Co-ordinator
Programme Director for BA (Hons) Management Practice (degree apprenticeship)

Andrea t


  • Organisational Behaviour, 
  • Research Methods, 
  • Project Management


Room AB2, Greenlands Campus

Dr Andrea Tresidder is a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Henley Business School. She is also the Deputy Director of Studies for the department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour.

Having had a lifelong passion for learning and a need to understand how individuals learn, her research investigated transformative learning in a careers context. Her doctoral research focused on managers meaning making of career events in the UK.

Andrea has been talking at academic conferences in the UK and internationally and has also been involved in research at Henley Business School, focusing on the MBA learning experience in particular. She is currently the module convener for Organisations and People, work-based projects one, two and three for the Degree Apprenticeship program at Henley Business School. Her teaching portfolio covers undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Organisational Behaviour, Project Management, Research Methods and the Degree Apprenticeship program.

Professional Practice 1

This module is the first in a series of three. The module will support students in developing the academic skills needed at university level, including a range of skills and...

Module code: MQM1PRP

Personal Effectiveness 1: Understanding Myself and Others

The module encourages students to develop self-awareness and reflect on their core values and drivers. Students will reflect upon their own learning, performance and achievement, and plan for their personal...

Module code: MQM1PEU

Organisational Behaviour

This module is an introduction to Organisational Behaviour in the contemporary workplace. It explores the challenges, tensions and issues involved in the relationship between individuals, groups and organisations to better...

Module code: MQM1ORB

Introduction to Business and Management

This module provides an introduction to Business and Management by exploring the organisation's environmental context. The module considers: The influences on organisations, including its consumers and competitors, stakeholders, and local...

Module code: MQM1IBM

Work-based project: Organisational change

This final year capstone module requires students to prepare and/or undertake a change intervention that can make a difference within their organisation. Students will apply their learning from throughout the...

Module code: MQM3AM15

Work-based project: Exploring organisational challenges

The Stage 2 capstone module requires learners to plan, develop, and apply their learning to a work-based project. As individuals or groups, learners will apply methods of enquiry to help...

Module code: MQM2AM10

Organisations and people

This module explores the people resources that are available to organisations as they seek to achieve their objectives. It recognises and explores, from a critical management perspective, the specific nature...

Module code: MQM1AM04