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Dr. Mona Ashok

Lecturer in Operations Management

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G27, Henley Business School, Whiteknights

Mona Ashok’s experience in Higher Education ranges from teaching undergraduate and masters level modules, marking assignments and examination papers, and supervising masters and doctoral programme members.

Mona has extensive industry experience, having worked for global IT and BPO organisations, an Accounting firm, and a Business School, covering a wide spectrum of customers. Her professional and academic projects cover topics such as: process improvement, programme management, research methodology, accounting, financial, functional, managerial and consulting. Mona has lived and worked in India, UK and the USA. She holds Certified Software Quality Assurance (2002), is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt (2002), and is trained in Change Acceleration Process (CAP) methods. Mona Ashok is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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Managing processes and systems

This module focuses on the key principles that underpin the delivery of goods and services by organisations. It takes a systems and processes approach integrating elements of operations management, information...

Module code: MNM1MPS

Additional Information

Mona is a member of Henley’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee as a representative of academic staff.

Research Supervision

Mona is currently supervising the following doctoral students:

Mohammad Habib ‘The Impact of the Government Excellence Model (GEM) on the public sector institutions in improving competitiveness’

Mouza Al Badi ‘The impact of organisational inertia on public sector knowledge practices adoption: Case of UAE’

Mona is currently supervising the following postgraduate Management Research Challenge/Management Challenge projects:

‘The Potential Impact of Big Data in Kenyan Agriculture’

‘Can the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, analytics and cloud drive efficiencies in business’

‘Re-engineering of information technology (IT) processes and systems through Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and the resultant impact on the “human” workforce of SBG’

‘Examination of the human resource factors in supply chain management that impact the business performance at Neopak’

‘The impact of digitalization on YIT’s housing service processes and IT’