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Dr. Filipe Morais

Lecturer in Governance Programme Director of the MSc in Management for Future Leaders

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  • Corporate Governance, 
  • Boards of Directors, 
  • CEO and Chair Leadership, 
  • Strategic Management, 
  • Stewardship


Greenlands Campus

Dr Filipe Morais has substantial experience in Corporate Governance including all aspects relating to boards of directors. His experience and close ties to industry make his research both academically sound and highly relevant and impactful.

Filipe Morais, PhD., holds a doctorate in management from the Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK) specialising in corporate governance and strategic management topics. He is Programme Director for the MSc in Management for Future Leaders, Senior Leaders Master's Degree Apprenticeship (SLMDA).

His research has been published in academic and practitioner journals, industry research reports, case studies, book chapters and a book which is set to be published in July 2020. His research interests range from corporate governance and all aspects of board of directors, CEO and Chairs leadership, strategic and change management, and stewardship.

Filipe teaches and convenes the Managing Key Resources module on the BA Applied Management. He is also the module convenor for the Board Information and Communication, The Public, Private and Third Sector Boards and the Annual Board Conference of the MA in Board Practice and Directorship. He occasionally teaches on the MSc in Financial Regulation and the Henley MBA.

He acts as a paper and book reviewer for academic journals, and in 2018 he received the Academy of Management Strategic Management Division Outstanding Reviewer Award; He also received the Case Centre Scholarship Award for his case study on Thomas Cook plc.

Filipe currently supervises 3 PhD students in corporate governance and strategic management topics

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