Dr Angelique Chettiparamb

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Dr Angelique Chettiparamb

Dr Angelique Chettiparamb

Real Estate & Planning
HBS 124, Whiteknights Campus
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Angelique Chettiparamb started her career by practising as an architect in India, developing and leading her own firm for twelve years whilst also teaching in various higher education institutions. Later, she led the Centre for Urban Studies in the Kerala Institute of Local Administration for close to 5 years when she worked with the State Local Government Department and the State Town Planning Department to meet their needs for capacity development. After her PhD from Cardiff University, Angelique was employed initially on an ESRC Post-Doc Fellowship and then as a Research Fellow at Cardiff University. She joined Reading University in 2009.

Angelique has published extensively in a number of key peer reviewed journals in Planning and Development. She has also worked on research projects funded by the World Food Programme, the Ford Foundation and the Higher Education Academy. She is also the recipient of two awards for her papers. Besides her University commitments, Angelique serves as an Editor for the journal Planning Theory and will be assuming office as Managing Editor of the same journal in January 2016.

Angelique works mainly with Complexity theory and is particularly interested in issues of coordination across various scales. She has also worked on governance arrangements that facilitate community ownership and involvement. Substantively, Angelique has researched a wide range of issues mainly in India, but also elsewhere in the global South and the Middle East. These include solid waste, land, school meals, health, governance, heritage, decentralisation, education, tourism and conflict. She is deeply interested in the development of planning thought from practice, as well as the application of planning thought to practice which is reflected in her teaching covering both planning thought and practice. Angelique welcomes contacts from potential PhD students and post-doc applicants interested in issues that concern the global South.


  • PhD: School of City and Regional Planning; Cardiff University; United Kingdom (Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by the Ford Foundation).
  • Diploma in Social Science Research Methods: School of City and Regional Planning; Cardiff University; United Kingdom
  • Special Postgraduate Diploma Environmental Management of Human Settlements: Institute of Housing & Urban Development, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Human Settlements Management Institute, New Delhi, India. (Sponsored by NUFFIC).
  • M.Arch (Urban Design): School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi; India. (Sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India).
  • B.Arch: College of Engineering, Trivandrum, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
  • FHEA: Fellow, Higher Education Academy.


Planning systems; Complexity theory; Urban local governance; Scale; Fractals; Community participation.

Selected Research Grants:

The Globalizing State, Public Services and the New Governance of Local Urban Communities in India – The Case of Kerala; Ford Foundation; 2009.

Relevance of HGSF in the midday meal programme of Kerala, India;World Food Programme;  2007.

Literature review into Interdisciplinarity,Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS), The Higher Education Academy 2006.

Pedagogical Approaches incorporating Prior Learning,Subject Centre for Education in the Built Environment (CEBE), The Higher Education Academy, 2006.

Inter-disciplinarity - Comparison of Pedagogical Approaches to Urban Studies in Planning and Sociology,Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics (C-SAP), The Higher Education Academy 2005.

Land mobilization for Road widening, Kochi, Kerala, India,Financial Institutions Reforms and Expansion - Debt (FIRE - D) Programme of USAID 2002


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Key Publications

Mady, C. and Chettiparamb, A. (in press, 2016) Planning in the face of deep divisions: A view from Beirut, Lebanon. Planning Theory.

Chettiparamb, A. (in press, 2016) Articulating public interest through complexity theory, Environment and Planning C.

Chettiparamb, A. (in press, 2016), Editorial, Planning Theory, 15(1).  

Chettiparamb, A. (2014) Complexity Theory and Planning: Examining 'fractals' for organising policy domains in planning practice. Planning Theory, 13(1), 5-25

Chettiparamb, A. (2013) ‘Fractal Spatialities’ Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.31(4): 680-692.

Chettiparamb, A. (2013) 'Municipal Solid Waste' In Jorgensen,S,E (ed) Encyclopedia of Environmental Management Taylor and Francis Group: New York. 2415-2422

Chettiparamb, A. and Kokkranikkal, J. (2012) Responsible Tourism and Sustainability: The Case of Kumarakom in Kerala, India.  Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events. 4(3), 302-326.

Chettiparamb, A. (2012) Inter-Disciplinarity in Teaching: Probing Urban Studies Journal of Education  in the Built Environment 6(1) p. 68-90.

Chettiparamb, A., Chakkalakkal,M. and Chedambath,R  (2011) ‘In My Backyard!: An Alternate Model of Solid Waste Management’  International Planning Studies.16(4), 313-331.