Dr Claudia Murray

Research Fellow

Dr Claudia Murray

Dr Claudia Murray

University of Reading Regional Advisory Group for The Americas
Real Estate & Planning
HBS 209, Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 6338
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Claudia studied Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina where she graduated in 1994. After receiving several research grants including the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Visiting Arts Board, she completed a Masters in Cultural Studies and a doctorate in Geography both at King’s College London. Claudia joined the School of Real Estate & Planning as a researcher in 2008 and received a School grant to undertake an MSc in Real Estate Appraisal which she completed in 2012.

While in Buenos Aires Claudia worked for several architectural firms specialising in international architectural competitions at small and large scale. Her research interests focus in Urban Design and Architectural Theory. The socio-cultural and economic implications of architectural and urban design including sustainability and social inequality. Urban development in emerging markets with particular focus in Latin America. Claudia is also an active member of the Academy of Urbanism, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and an associate of the Walker Institute for Climate Change. She is also principal investigator in urban laboratories in Latin America that involve international aid organisations such as Architecture for Humanity.


  • PhD Geography/Architecture, King's College London, 2007

  • MSc Real Estate Investment & Appraisal, Henley Business School, University of Reading, 2012

  • MA Cultural Studies, King's College London, 2002

  • Degree in Architecture & Planning, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994

  • Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

  • Member of the Academy of Urbanism


Urban and Rural Development; Sustainable Design; Design Theory

Selected Research Grants

RICS/USP/FAPESP/UoR (2013) (PI) Amount £35,000 for research seminars in Sao Paulo.

RREF/Walker Institute/Architecture for Humanity (PI) (2013) £8,000 seed funding for design workshops in Jujuy, Argentina.


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Key Publications

Murray, C. “Social Inequality and Real Estate in Latin America: Approaches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia”in Raymon Abdulai et al. edts. Real Estate, Construction and Economic Development in Emerging Market Economies, Routledge, forthcoming.

Murray, C. “A Critical and Interdisciplinary Theory for Urban Design”Submitted, under revision.

Murray, C (2013) "Social Housing in Latin America: Red Road Flats of Tomorrow?" Academy of Urbanism Journal, 2, pp. 12-15.

Barkham, R. and Murray, C. (2012) Sustainable Social Housing: An Examination of Global Best Practice. Grosvenor Report.

Parker, G. and Murray, C. (2012) "Beyond Tokenism? Community-led Planning and Rational Choices. Findings from Participants in Local Agenda-Setting at the Neighbourhood Scale in England," Town Planning Review, 83, 1, pp. 1-28.


Academic Publications:

Murray, C (2012): "Informal Developments and Upgrading Programmes in Latin America: Chile Case Study" Academy of Urbanism Journal. Special Issue on International Urbanism. Forthcoming.

Barkham, R. and Murray, C.(2012): "What Drives City Branding? The Role of Urban Assets in Selling the City. Urban Design Journal, 123, pp. 14-15.

Parker, G. and Murray, C. (2012): "Beyond Tokenism? Community-led Planning and Rational Choices. Findings from Participants in Local Agenda-Setting at the Neighbourhood Scale in England," Town Planning Review, 83, 1, pp. 1-28.

Barkham, R. and Murray, C. (2012): "Sustainable Social Housing: An Examination of Global Best Practice" Grosvenor Report.

Fuerst, F., McAllister, P., and Murray, C. (2011): "Designer Buildings: An Evaluation of the Price Impacts of Signature Architects." Environment and Planning A, 43, pp 166-184.

Baum, A., and Murray, C. (2010): "Understanding the Barriers to Real Estate Investment in Emerging Markets" Available at Social Science Research Network http://www.ssrn.com/

Crosby, N., Devaney, S., and Murray C., (2009): "Depreciation of Office Investment Property in Europe" Report for the Investment Property Forum and IPF Educational Trust.

Murray, C. (2008): "Disciplining Buenos Aires' Private Architecture during the Late Eighteenth Century"Architectural History, 51, pp. 137 - 160.

Murray, C. (2003): Urban images and Travel Writing. Exhibition catalogue. Royal Institute of British Architects.

Murray, C. (2002): "The Representation of Space in Times of the War of Independence" in Actas del XXVIII Seminario de Arte y Literatura Venezolana. Universidad de Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela.

Working Papers:

Murray, C: "An Interdisciplinary Theory for Urban Design"

Pain, K, Murray, C and Vinciguerra, S. "Producing the GaWC Interlocking World City Network"


(2012) Beijing, China: Chinese Development Research Foundation-Grosvenor. Exhibition "Program for China's Low-Income Housing Policies" (curator and designer for Grosvenor's exhibition panels).

(2003) London, UK: Argentine Architects in London, Royal Institute of British Architects (curator and organiser)

(1995) Buenos Aires, Argentina: VI Biennial of Architecture BA/95 (participant)

(1995) Buenos Aires, Argentina: Art Attacks, Teatro Reggio, Buenos Aires (participant)

Published Design Projects & Awards:

(2009) NAIOP Prize best paper Office Buildings/Office Parks Category.

(1995) Art-Café in Buenos Aires (project) VI Biennial of Architecture BA/95. Awarded Mention.

(1995) Centre for Art Exhibitions (project) Awarded 'Art Attacks' Prize.

(22/05/1993) Private Residence (project) - Clarín Architecture, Buenos Aires.

(26/12/1992) Towers in Puerto Madero (project) - Clarín Architecture, Buenos Aires.

Details of any externally funded research grants held in the past:

RICS/Savills (2011) Amount £10,000

RETF (2010) (PI) Amount £1,450

RETF (2009) (PI) Amount £1,600

IPF Educational Trust (2008) Amount £80,000

Nuffield Foundation (2008 - 2009) Amount £7,000

King's College London, Filed Trip for archival research grant (2005) (PI) Amount £1,500

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), PhD grant (2003 - 2006) Amount £22,000