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Professor Yipeng Liu

Professor in Management and Organisation Studies

Director of the Centre for China Management and Global Business (CMGB)
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Yipeng Liu Staff Photo


  • International Entrepreneurship, 
  • International Management, 
  • Microfoundations of Management and Organisation Studies, 
  • Regional Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change, 
  • China


Edith Morley building room 263, Whiteknights campus

Professor Yipeng Liu is a Professor in Management and Organisation Studies at Henley Business School. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences; the Academy’s Fellowship is made up of distinguished individuals from academic, public and private sectors, across the full breadth of the social sciences.

Through leadership, applied research, policymaking and practice, the Academy of Social Sciences have helped to address and deepen understanding of some of the toughest challenges facing our society and the world. Their work has contributed to the UK's position as a global leader in the social sciences

Yipeng's research interests centre on international entrepreneurship, global talent management and the emerging market multinationals global strategy from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective by embracing the notion of 'West-Meets-East'. He believes that exploring the social mechanisms and illuminating the multi-faceted human side factors of micro-foundations in an international context can advance management and organisation studies in important ways. His research has been funded by the British Academy, Leverhulme Trust and others.

He actively contributes to the academic community as a keynote speaker and track/session chair in international academic conferences, such as the Academy of Management and British Academy of Management. He has served as Guest Editor for several Special Issues on micro-foundations, organisation and management studies, including the Journal of Organisational Behaviour. He is a Senior Editor of Management and Organisation Review, an Associate Editor of Asian Business and Management and currently serves on the editorial review board of five international journals, including the Journal of Management Studies.

He has gathered broad professional experience in the business world such as management consulting, venture capital, business development and engineering in Asia, North America and Europe before moving to the academic world. He worked for clients such as Bosch, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen, Fresenius, Siemens, Allianz and Deutsche Telekom.

Business and Management Project

In this module students will have an opportunity to draw on knowledge and experience gained across the programme and apply them to a contemporary business or management problem or issue...

Module code: MMM154

Invisible-touch Model: An Integrative Framework of Postmerger Integration, Academy of International Business, Miami, USA, 2 July 2020

Servitization, collaborative partnerships, and micro-foundations, 8th International Conference on Business Servitization, San Sebastian, Spain, 21 November 2019

Getting Down to the Bottom-Up: Researching Ecosystems As If Entrepreneurs Mattered, Academy of Management, Boston, USA, 9 August 2019

Psychological microfoundation of collaborative partnership, British Academy of Management, Portsmouth, UK, 8 September 2015

The Human Side of Collaborative Partnerships and Entrepreneurial Mobility and Talent in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: China and International Comparison, Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada, 7 August 2015