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Designed by academics at Henley Business School, University of Reading, the OOC is an online course providing you with the opportunity to learn about the property industry and careers within it. The course is free and requires around 6 hours of study to complete. During the course, you get the chance to interact with other learners, academics, students and industry volunteers to ask any questions you may have.

The OOC is facilitated by our Academics and current Real Estate students during the following periods:

21st November - 11th December 2022

6th March - 26th March 2023

26th June - 16th July 2023

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After completing the OOC, if you want to learn more about careers in property, please get in touch with the Pathways to Property team to discuss more opportunities to get involved.

“‘This course helped me expand my knowledge thoroughly on the property industry. I explored a case study on the ‘International Quarter London’ and learnt how the development tackled sustainability issues…I learnt how advancing technology influences property developments and I learnt about ways in which I personally can get into the property industry and where it could take me’”
OOC Participant 2021