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Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

Our mission

The Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability's mission is to promote the research, knowledge, dialogues and practices of ethics and sustainability in business and society, aiming to influence the promotion of sustainable and ethical organisations, management and business and management education practices. We also promote research and teaching innovations which support the United Nation PRME agenda and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and broader Environmental Social Governance (ESG) related research and dialogues.

Research identity and aims

The CBES aims to promote research and ideas which support those involved in management and business practice, with a pro-social, humanistic and pro-sustainability work and ethos. The CBES brings together a wide group of academics across different disciplines and subjects, whose work strives to advance knowledge in ethics and sustainability involving diverse disciplines and agendas. We aim to engage colleagues to share research and knowledge, as well as best practices on how we teach and inspire students, bringing to life business ethics and sustainability in the classroom.

The research agenda can be related to individual, group, organisational or systemic levels. Research and teaching supporting broader ethical agendas such as diversity, inclusion, fairness and humanity are within our scope, as well as ecological, environmental and social responsibility. We aim to influence positive ethical change in business and society via research and best-practice sharing in teaching and education.

We will disseminate knowledge via the following actions and activities:

  • Research and paper presentations (multi-angle, multi-level, multi-disciplinary).
  • Inviting experts/leaders in the areas of our focus to share ideas and knowledge on how to enrich our teaching and research.
  • Dialogues - internally focused presentations to nurture ethics discussions involving our own community and colleagues' expertise as to best practices.
  • Identify synergies with partners through networking, meetings or seminars, looking for new funding opportunities and journal papers.
  • Community projects, support and impact. Projects and links with local and international research or practice or policy related bodies/communities, to develop synergies which promote ethical and pro-sustainability agendas. Application and promotion of PRME principles and the SDGs via teaching and research and related dialogues. Our research group is open to stakeholders who have a deep commitment to supporting ATHENA SWAN, BAME and more broadly diversity and inclusion in our practice, membership and research.

Latest news and events

Contact us

Professor Kleio Akrivou, Director of the Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kleio Akrivou.