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Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

CBES' mission

The Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability's mission is to promote the research, knowledge, dialogues and practices of ethics and sustainability in business and society. The CBES aims to influence the promotion of sustainable and ethical organisations, management and business and management education practices. We also promote research and teaching innovations which support the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Management Education agenda and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and broader Environmental Social Governance (ESG) related research and dialogues.

Research identity, aims, aspirations and values

The CBES aims to promote research and ideas which support those involved in management and business practice, with a pro-social, humanistic and pro-sustainability work and ethos. In addition to the themes of Business Ethics and the Sustainability and Business Ethics (SBE) inspired Business Education, we focus on another four pillars or areas of attention to tie in with Henley Business School's agenda on education, research and people aspects: the Environmental, the Economic, the Social/Societal and the Cultural pillars of sustainability and impact.

Altogether these six research identity areas guide action regarding the following CBES values and beliefs:

1) We believe the sustainability crisis facing the planet is unprecedented and difficult to reverse, but our research, education and operation can inspire new values, ways of working and expertise. This will enable more sustainable and ethical business and management. We can open up new pathways for disseminating these via our research, teaching, events, projects, dialogues, publications and collaborations.

2) We believe that human beings are at the forefront for resolving or reversing the current crisis in the world. This solution involves the creation of more ethical and sustainable economies, organisations and education. Our role is to enable collaboration and dialogue based on research and wider impact on business ethics and sustainability. Additionally, we explore how ethical, responsible and sustainable management can play an important role in the common good at various levels of social organisation within and outside the business(es).

3) We believe that business professionals should be aware of how their toolkits and decisions can mitigate and reverse climate and the environmental crisis. This is one of the most important challenges and opportunities that we face and we aim to resolve it via collaborative interdisciplinary synergies and individual action alike.

4) We believe organisations should strive to operate sustainably, balancing economic and social considerations and ethically enable the flourishing and growth of their internal communities as much as external stakeholders. Organisations and management should be encouraging personal growth with a concern for sustainability, humanistic approaches, the common good and the wellbeing and welfare of all involved. Leading synergies for developing responsible management and leadership for a fairer world and a virtuous economy can make a difference. We aspire to enable knowledge creation, synergies and collaborations in this direction, involving our members and key groups internally and externally to our institution.

5) We connect students with faculty, our careers experts and other alumni and employers through networking opportunities. This facilitates the sharing of valuable tools and expertise.

6) We collaborate with local institutions/initiatives and enable local community networks, collaborations, projects and stewardship. This ensures that we bring together internal and external members with our students for sustainable and ethical local impact.

The CBES aspires to develop as a research centre and as a hub of collaboration within Henley Business School's community of researchers, across other research centres and with different key partners, students and other stakeholders.

PhD funded scholarship opportunities

Henley Business School is funding PhD scholarships to topics that align with research topics linking the World of Work, CBES and Africa. For more information, please refer to Henley Business School's PhD opportunities and applications page.

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Professor Kleio Akrivou, Director of the Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kleio Akrivou.