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Members and fellows

Study desk

The members of faculty and PhD students can be divided into eight research areas, outlined below:

Research Area Contacts
Leading for human flourishing and ethics at work Dr Adeyinka Adewale, Professor Kleio Akrivou, Dr Yemisi Bolade-Ogunfodun, Professor Chris Brewster, Professor Claire Collins, Dr Mostafa Fani, Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor Kevin Money, Professor Jonathan Passmore, Dr Matthew Sinnicks, Professor James Walker, Dr Chris Woodrow
Ethical change in business governance, structures and reputation: inclusive and ethical board, governance and management accountability, reporting systems and structures, inclusive organisation, diversity and inclusion Professor Kleio Akrivou, Professor Claire Collins, Dr Mostafa Fani, Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor Nada Kakabadse, Dr Nadeem Khan, Dr Yang Liu, Dr Miriam Marra, Dr Peter McManners, Dr Filipe Morais, Professor Lucy Newton, Dr Naemma Pasha, Professor Jonathan Passmore, Dr Caroline Rook, Dr Anastyasia Saraeva, Kola Yusuf
Responsible capitalism and triple bottom line - people, planet, profit - driven practices and management: learning from economic history and philosophy Professor Kleio Akrivou, Dr Linda Arch, Professor Adrian Bell, Professor Lucy Newton, Professor James Walker
Professional ethics and accountability in finance and socially responsible investment Dr Linda Arch, Professor Michael Ball, Dr Andreas Hoepner, Dr Dan Luo, Professor Carol Padgett, Dr Ivan Sangiorgi, Dr Lisa Schopohl
Sustainable and resilient cities and communities Professor Eamonn D'Arcy, Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez, Professor David Lane, Professor Keiichi Nakata, Dr Richard Nunes, Professor Gavin Parker
Ethics and sustainability in business school teaching: developing ethical and responsible business graduates Dr Adeyinka Adewale, Professor Kleio Akrivou, Professor Eamonn D'Arcy, Rhianydd Dow, Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez, Dr Irute Karanicholas, Professor Peter Miskell, Dr Filipe Morais, Professor Lucy Newton, Dr Richard Nunes, Dr Lisa Schopohl
Responsible and sustainability oriented institutions within and across borders Dr Irina Heim, Dr Nadeem Khan, Dr Mike Molesworthy, Professor Kevin Money, Professor Lucia Piscitello, Professor Alain Verbeke, Professor James Walker
Social purpose driven business ecosystems, innovation/value co-creation and stakeholder oriented business clusters Dr Adeyinka Adewale, Dr Mona Ashok, Dr Maks Belitski, Professor Abby Ghobadian, Dr Irina Heim, Professor Kecheng Liu, Professor Marcello Mariani, Professor Peter Miskell, Professor Keiichi Nakata, Dr Yin Leng Tan

Contact us

Professor Kleio Akrivou, Director of the Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kleio Akrivou.