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The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness

Welcome to The Kazakh-British Centre for Competitiveness (KBCC)

Set up in 2015, the KBCC is an international think tank that works with academia, business, non-profit organisations and government. It is funded by the UK and Kazakhstan governments and co-ordinated by the British Council and the Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund Joint-Stock Company (JSC) Science Fund.

The KBCC aims to deepen and to expand the role of competitiveness in Kazakhstan’s research, action and policy. Through research, education, training and action from both business and government, the KBCC works to develop a culture of deepened market empowerment in Kazakhstan, creating international opportunities.

Institutional engagement through action-oriented programmes and business-engaged research to build greater understanding between the people of the UK and Kazakhstan underpin all the actions of KBCC. Young people have the opportunity to develop new skills and improve their understanding of other cultures through the KBCC's ambitious programmes in economic policy, entrepreneurship and cloud computing, giving them a pathway towards becoming better qualified and introducing an international dimension to their learning or profession.

Ongoing research and projects that the KBCC is engaged in cover a wide range of sectors, including clean energy, IT technologies, business and economics, the oil and gas industry, i-cloud technologies and the environment.

Contact us

Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, CEAS Centre Director.

Telephone: 0118 3786637