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Informatics Research Centre

About the Informatics Research Centre (IRC)

The Informatics Research Centre defines informatics as ‘the study of the creation, management and utilisation of information in scientific and economic activities’.

The IRC benefits from input of knowledge and expertise from various subject fields, including Information management, Big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital health, Digital Leadership, Smart City, Biodiversity, Business Management, Economics, Information acquisition and assimilation, Intelligent Pervasive Spaces, Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Systems Engineering, across a number of Schools and beyond.

Our research group is open to interested individuals from academia, business and business organisations.

The Informatics Research Centre (IRC) sits in the Informatics and Systems group within the School of Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting (BISA) at Henley Business School, University of Reading although it operates independently from both.

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