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Projects and activities

Ongoing Projects

Predictive healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence for clinical and operational intelligence

Big data mining and AI holds great potential for the healthcare industry to enable health systems to systematically use data and analytics to identify inefficiencies and best practices that improve care and reduce costs. The project aims to analyse enormous data sets and develop predictive analytics methods, to generate new knowledge improve NHS’s ability to anticipate disease and financial risks as well as social economics influences.

This project is built on partnership between University of Reading and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. This is an exciting project combining academic and industrial challenges to tackle complex intellectual and practical aspects of healthcare data and contribute to the application in real predictive clinical decision support.

Big Data Driven Innovation and Management of Intelligent Healthcare

Between January 2016 - December 2021, the University of Reading received a grant within the Scheme of Key Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) with the aim to apply the big data technologies to solve the issues of healthcare management. The issues are to be solved by adopting tiered medical scheme policy, optimizing the resources of smart healthcare management and personalizing the medical path for decision support. The project consortium consists of teams from Beijing Jiaotong University, The General Hospital of The Chinese Liberation Army, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Reading.

Text analytics in health and social care

The two-year project with OLM Systems aimed to develop digital tools which allow health and social care organisations to search and analyse the huge textual data contained within clinical records. It was built on the Nalytics search and discovery platform, supplied by OLM Systems’ sister company Nalanda Technology, with the Informatics Research Centre at Henley providing further capabilities. Text analytics, which analyses textual data to find hidden associations and patterns, has the potential to be applied in the health and social care sector and may also have wider applications in other areas which use large volumes of textual data such as the legal and education sectors. This project has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK

Knowledge Transfer Partnership project rated ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK

Digital Leadership at Henley

This includes two EU-funded projects, one focusing on large multinational whereas the other project's scope involved SMEs. More information for both projects can be found here: Digital Leadership Forum