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Faculty membership

Most of the Informatics and Systems staff and research students are part of the Informatics Research Centre (IRC). IRC is open to any staff from within Henley Business School who share research interests. Current internal members include:

Name:Prof Keiichi Nakata​
Name:Professor Kecheng Liu
Name:Dr Weizi Li
Name:Prof Yinshan Tang
Name:Dr Stephen Gulliver
Name:Dr Vaughan Michell
Name:Mr Nigel Spinks
Name:Dr Yin Leng Tan
Name:Dr Mona Ashok
Name:Dr Phil Davies
Name:Prof Sharm Manwani

Associate members, internal members and links

The following international colleagues and practitioners have expressed a keen interest in becoming active external members of the Research Centre, attending IRC conferences, acting as members of a scientific committee, and in some cases establishing collaborative research links with the Research Centre:

Name Organisation
Name:Dr Lily Sun Organisation:School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading
Name:Dr Hong Wei Organisation:School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading
Name:Dr Daniel Gozman Organisation:The University of Sydney


PhD student
PhD student:Sanjayan Solangasenathirajan
PhD student:Kwasi Dankwa
PhD student:Cameron Spence
PhD student:Mohamed Al Farsi
PhD student:Jonathan Mangan
PhD student:Qi Li
PhD student:Maram Almazroa
PhD student:Benjamin Gold
PhD student:Krikor Maroukian
PhD student:Asha Shrestha
PhD student:Tianfeng Wang
PhD student:Melissa Baba
PhD student:Muhammad Dashtban
PhD student:Samraa Hussain
PhD student:Edwina Apaw
PhD student:Sumayyah Jad
PhD student:Claria Guo