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IRC Seminar, presented by Dr Markos Kyritsis: "Cognitive systems: Bridging the gap between informatics and cognitive psychology"

Markos Kyritsis mtime20190209215552
Event information
Date 23 November 2023
Time 12:00-13:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price Free
Venue Henley Business School LG01
Event types:
Webinars Seminars


This presentation looks at some projects we are currently working on, which bridge knowledge from areas of informatics and psychology in order to add value to three areas of Business: security, pickup and delivery, and healthcare. We look at human heuristics and performance in both Euclidean optimisation problems and draw comparisons to computation approaches. In the end, we ask whether studying the human approach to these problems can help us create better algorithms. We also explore possible degradation of human performance on variants of the travelling salesperson problem and how it correlates to various tests used in measures of cognitive decline.

Markos Kyritsis mtime20190209215552

Short Bio on Presenter: Dr Markos Kyritsis is an interdisciplinary researcher and data scientist with a diverse publication history in the areas of cognition, computing, and business. He is a member of several research teams both inside and outside the UK, who are currently engaging or have engaged in studies involving: cognitive modelling; eye tracking; virtual reality; entrepreneurial intention; and predictive analytics in a medical setting. His current research interests include: modelling human performance in Euclidean optimization problems; usability / user experience research (particularly in 3D environments); virtual reality training; and gamification of psychometric/behavioural tests.

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