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The Henley Forum 21st Annual Conference: Becoming Agile – An International Festival of Learning

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An international festival of learning

We were delighted to be able to welcome speakers and participants from more countries than ever before. We began our journey in Africa, before flying to the US, stopping in at the UK, hopping over to Australia, and pausing in Scandinavia – and all without any sign of jet lag. We welcomed participants from Africa, America, Asia and from across Europe. Thank you everyone for helping us to create an international festival of learning.

Active learning, not passive listening

Our wonderful speakers, facilitators, hosts and conference guests all did a great job in ensuring that the conference experience provided a rich space for learning. Thank you everyone!

A few emerging insights


  • Agility is like a dance – it needs movement and partnership with others
  • Cultural context matters – we must get the language right with each group
  • Think big, start small and LEARN FAST


  • Bridging the gap – what matters is creating the connections between different communities
  • Applying foresight in people-centric ways helps change to be future fit
  • Agile methodology is NOT a silver bullet. Agile is a mindset not a process
  • Leadership agility in a dynamic world all starts with learning
  • Trust is essential. Be more Viking!


  • If you want to go fast, slow down, and make space for learning
  • Sustaining knowledge management for the long-haul means maintaining momentum
  • Mapping energy creates a dynamic heat map - a tool to anticipate change fatigue
  • Energy – make the environment liberating so people can thrive


  • Agility challenges everything about what it means to run an organisation
  • Thinking deeper and longer enables agility. Connection, consolidation, sensemaking
  • Resilience is an essential partner for agility. We must be resiliently agile.

In case you missed it

We’d love you to join us for future events, please email for more information.

Published 1 May 2021
Henley news

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