Professor Pat McAllister

Professor of Real Estate

Professor Pat McAllister

Professor Pat McAllister

PhD Programme Director
Real Estate & Planning
HBS 221, Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 6340



Pat McAllister has a long-standing relationship with the University of Reading having been awarded both his MPhil and his PhD by the University. Pat returned to Real Estate & Planning in 2015, having previously taught at University College London, Oxford Brookes University, Heriot-Watt University and University of Greenwich. Pat was appointed Visiting Professor at TU Delft in 2017. He has been involved in numerous research projects funded by or in collaboration with industry partners. He has published widely on a range of topics linked to real estate appraisal, development, management and investment. He has undertaken research projects for Real Estate Research Institute, the Nuffield Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council, the Investment Property Forum, Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government. Pat became a member of the RICS in 1992.


  • PhD, Real Estate and Planning, University of Reading
  • MPhil Land Economy, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil Land Management and Development, University of Reading
  • BA (Hons) in Geography, University of Kent


Real estate appraisal; sustainable real estate; development viability appraisal; cross-border real estate investment.

Selected Research Grants

Liquidity in International Real Estate Markets, Funded by IPF(£40,000) with Dr Anupam Nanda and Dr Steve Devaney (University of Reading) and Dr Nicola Livingstone (University College London), 2015

The Effect of Energy Performance on House Prices, Funded by Wales Low/Zero Carbon Hub (£5,000) with Franz Fuerst (University of Cambridge), Dr Peter Wyatt and Dr Anupam Nanda (both University of Reading), 2014.

The Impact of Cross-border Real Estate Investment on US Commercial Real Estate Capitalisation Rates, Funded by RERI ($15,000) with Dr Anupam Nanda (University of Reading), 2014

The Impact of Cross-border Real Estate Investment on European Commercial Real Estate Capitalisation Rates, Funded by DTZ Research Institute (£5,000) with Dr Anupam Nanda (University of Reading), 2014

The Value of Planning Obligations in England, Funded by DCLG (c£90,000) a consortium with University of Reading, Three Dragons, Hives Planning and David Locke Associates, 2011-12.

Hedonic Pricing Study to Determine whether Energy Efficiency Ratings and Council Tax Differentials Impact on Prices in the Domestic Building Sector, Funded by DECC (£32,000) with Franz Fuerst (University of Cambridge), Dr Peter Wyatt and Dr Anupam Nanda (both University of Reading), 2012.

Current PhD students

Matthew Pollock: The Performance of the Listed Housebuilding Sector and Housing Supply. First supervisor


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Key Publications

McAllister, P., Shepherd, E. and Wyatt, P. 2018. Policy Shifts, Developer Contributions and Land Value Capture in London 2005-2017, Land Use Policy, 78, 316-326.

Devaney, S., McAllister, P., and Nanda, A. 2017. Which Factors Determine Transaction Activity Across US Metropolitan Office Markets? Journal of Portfolio Management, 43, 90-104.

McAllister, P. 2017. The Calculative Turn in Land Value Capture: Lessons from the English Planning System, Land Use Policy, 63, 122-129

McAllister, P. and Nanda, A. 2016. Which factors determine cross-border real estate capital flows? A gravity modelling approach, Review of International Economics, 24, 924-948.

McAllister, P. and Nanda, A, 2016. Do Foreign Investors Compress Real Estate Capitalisation Rates? Journal of Real Estate Research, 38, 569-594.

Crosby, N., Devaney, S., Lizieri, C. and McAllister, P. 2016. Can Institutional Investors Bias Real Estate Portfolio Appraisals? Evidence from the Market Downturn, Journal of Business Ethics, 261-7.

Fuerst, F., McAllister, P., Nanda, A. and Wyatt, P. 2016. Energy Performance Ratings and House Prices in Wales: An Empirical Study, Energy Policy, 92, 20-33.