Professor Peter Scott

Professor of International Business History

Professor Peter Scott

Professor Peter Scott

International Business and Strategy
By area: Consumption, owner-occupation, household behaviour, retailing, consumer goods industries, path dependence, technical change
By industry: Retailing, housing, consumer goods industries
By geography: UK, USA, Europe
HBS 150, Whiteknights campus
+44 (0) 118 378 5435
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Peter Scott is Professor of International Business History at Henley Business School, University of Reading and a former President of the Association of Business Historians. His research interests include: the growth of mass consumption, consumer credit and owner-occupation, together with their impacts on household behaviour; the evolution of mass retailing formats in Britain and the United States; the development of consumer goods industries; and path dependence and technological change.

His monograph Triumph of the South: A Regional Economic History of Britain During the Early Twentieth Century (Aldershot: Ashgate) was awarded the Wadsworth Prize for the best monograph in British business history published in 2007. A further monograph, The Making of the Modern British Home: Suburbanisation and its Impact on Working-class Family Life Between the Wars, published by Oxford U.P. in October 2013 was the subject of a Henley Business School public lecture on 12th February 2014.

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Teacher on EC243 (Economic History).