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Dr Vaughan Michell

Lecturer in Informatics

Programme Director MSc Business Technology Consulting

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  • Knowledge Intensive Process Optimisation Related to Business Technology, 
  • Design/Invention Informatics Related to Business Technology, 
  • Product and Process Design, 
  • Business Enterprise Architecture, 
  • Health, 
  • Manufacturing, 
  • Defence, 
  • Consulting


GB19, Greenland Campus

Dr Vaughan Michell is an Informatics Lecturer and Business Technology Consulting Programme Director within the Informatics Research Centre at Henley Business School. He is also an honorary Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics in the Simulation Unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Vaughan’s research focuses on the informatics of the business and technology interface at the design and operational level. He supervises PhD students in health informatics and related areas and has published papers in the areas of health informatics, patient safety, clinical pathways, medical device capability and cognition. Research interests include: affordance and human and machine capability, 3d printing, Internet of Things, knowledge intensive processes device design/invention and man-machine interaction.

Vaughan has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from UCL, an MBA from Warwick University and a D.Phil in Robotics & Image Processing from Oxford University. Vaughan worked at Vosper Thornycroft, as IT Management Consultant at Andersen Consulting and Dun and Bradstreet, and VP process and systems design and process reengineering at Citibank, Credit Suisse, Reengineering Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and an ED at UBS where he started research in knowledge intensive processes.

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Digital innovation and professional practice

This module explores how existing and cutting-edge technologies can provide innovative digital business solutions. It involves the understanding of digital technology principles, values-based innovation, digital business ecosystems and platform ecosystems...

Module code: MQM1DIN

Digital technology leadership

This module is specifically focused on the concept of technology as an enabler and provider of competitive advantage as an aspect of digital leadership. Digital technology leadership is specifically aimed...

Module code: MQM2DTL

Programme Director for MSc Business Technology Consulting

Module convenor:

  • Digital Leadership
  • Business Technology Consulting
  • BTC Project
  • MA module in Digital Technology Leadership

Other courses taught:

  • MBA Strategic Information Management
  • MBA MSc module in Digital Innovation

Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust

Chartered Engineer and member of IMechE and RINA

PhD: Cameron Spence, Nada Nadrah, Oghale Askia, 2nd Jasmine Terhani, Chidzambwa, L.