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The John H Dunning Centre for International Business

One of the world’s leading research centre in International Business for almost 60 years, the Centre was renamed in honour of the late Professor John H Dunning. Internationally-renowned members of the Centre include Professor Mark Casson, Professor Rajneesh Narula, Professor Alain Verbeke and Prof Chris Brewster. As befitting a premier research centre in the 21st century, we participate in a number of global affiliates, including:

  • Dunning Centre Europe, headquartered at the Politecnico di Milano
  • The Dunning Africa Centre, based in Henley South Africa.

Research in the Centre straddles the fields of international business, strategic management, innovation, development, and human resource management, and balances the necessity of a deep theoretical grounding with the added value of a strong applied focus. With our network of partners, we address both management- and policy-related real-world challenges, working with firms, NGOs, and international organizations. For more details click here.

We have a world-class PhD programme, in addition to a series of IB masterclasses for doctoral and postdoctoral students worldwide.
The Centre also offers a number of prestigious Dunning and Rugman fellowships for aspiring and established researchers in the field.

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