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Henley Inside: Leading with your best self for strategic impact

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Event information
Date 7 March 2023
Time 10:00-11:30 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Zoom
Event types:
Open days Webinars

How to be your best leadership ‘self’ and creating strategy with purpose

Leaders know that for their teams and their organisation to perform optimally, they must consistently show up as their ‘best’ leadership selves. However, modern leadership is complex and in the age of ‘permacrisis’ the pressure dial has been turned up. So how do leaders harness their strengths more of the time? How do they put purpose at the core to establish and execute new strategy?

This session, led by Programme Directors Dr Suzanne Pollack (The Leadership Programme) and Dr Jeff Callander (The Strategy Programme) will provide you with a flavour of our on-programme learning experience. You will also hear first-hand from previous programme participants as they share their experience of learning with Henley.

Who should attend?
Middle to senior leaders. individuals with experience in a leadership role (leading teams, projects or organisations, and L&D professionals): Register here

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The Leadership Programme

About The Leadership ProgrammeDr Suzanne Pollack

The Leadership Programme develops and refines your personal leadership skills, including your ability to handle difficult situations, influence others and build relationships. You will also learn how to increase your mental and physical capacity when working under pressure.

During the first five-day module, you will clarify the key challenges you want to address and the actions you want to take. This is followed by a significant period of application where you will implement and trial new approaches.

In Module 2 you will reconvene to review what you have learned and reflect on how best to stretch your learning and development goals further, after which the learning and development journey continues.

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The Strategy Programme

About The Strategy ProgrammeDr Jeff Callander

The Strategy Programme helps you kick-start the strategic review process in your organisation. It focuses on specific issues in your organisation and gives you the tools to create and implement strategies that address them.

At Henley, strategy is seen as an essential leadership tool rather than just a thinking process. While theory is a major part of the agenda, this is not at the expense of practical learning - which is delivered through workshops, strategy critique activities and group discussion. A follow-up day gives you the opportunity to check progress and maintain momentum while implementing your strategy.

You will be encouraged to think about strategy in the long-term, while making sure you remain agile in a competitive business environment.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the programme, please contact our programme advisors.

Telephone: 01491 418767