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Professor Nada Korac Kakabadse

Professor of Policy, Governance and Ethics

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  • Research Methods , 
  • Board and Director Performance, 
  • Strategic Leadership, 
  • Reputation and CSR, 
  • Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas


Greenlands Campus

Professor Nada Kakabadse has extensive international government, private sector and academic experience now focusing on governance and board performance, sustainability, reputation and conducting extensive research and teaching research methods.

Professor Nada Kakabadse started in IT then extended into public service with appointments with the Australian and Canadian governments in technology innovation and foreign affairs. She also held private sectors appointments in Sweden and the Middle East and completed her doctorate in Australia. She pursues research across 20,000 organisations across 41 countries in the areas of board performance, leadership and policy delivery. She focuses on the boardroom promotion of sustainability and CSR and the role of the chair in social and environmental issues.

She has published 22 books and over 200 scholarly articles and has won numerous prizes for them. She has advised the British, Australian, Canadian and Omani governments. She has been consultant to Citi, Severstal (Russia), NATS, Alliance and Leicester, Motorola, Glaxo Wellcome, National Grid amongst others.

She has lectured and held visiting positions at the IMI (Dublin), Mannheim Business School (Germany), Ben Gurion (Israel), Macquarie University (Sydney), University of New South Wales (Sydney), Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas, Copenhagen Business School and Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing).

She is listed in Who’s Who, Fellow of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA); UK/Brussel representative of EASA; World Certification Institute (WCI); Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators; Member of the Governing Council of the Empress Theophano Foundation.

Most recent news & media

Current project include,

  • Cosmopolitanism and the elite disposition as diversity factors in the development of Entrepreneurship.
  • Cosmopolitan impact on strategic leadership.
  • Nature of conflict in the Boardroom: Study of the Board’s capacity for effective conflict resolution

Co-authored many books (with Andrew Kakabadse), including:

  • Public-Private Partnerships in Transitional Nations: Policy and Governance, (2017), (with Mouraviev), (Eds.)
  • Public–Private Partnerships: Policy and Governance Challenges Facing Kazakhstan and Russia, (2017), (with Mouraviev, N.)
  • Global Elites: The Opaque Nature of Transnational Policy Determination (2012)
  • Bilderberg People (2011) (Translated and published in Mandarin, 2013).
  • Rice Wine with the Minister (2010)
  • Global Boards: One Desire, Many Realities (2009)
  • Leading the Board: The Six Disciplines of World-Class Chairman (2008)
  • CSR in Practice: Delving Deep (2007)
  • Governance, Strategy and Policy: Seven Critical Essays (2006)
  • Intimacy (2004)
  • Smart Sourcing (2002)
  • The Geopolitics of Governance (2001)
  • Creating Futures: Innovative Applications of IS/IT (2000)
  • Essence of Leadership (1999)
  • Leadership in Government: Study of the Australian Public Services (1998)