Professor Peter Wyatt

Professor of Real Estate Appraisal

Professor Peter Wyatt

Professor Peter Wyatt

Real Estate & Planning
HBS 215, Whiteknights Campus
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Pete Wyatt is a Chartered Valuation Surveyor who has conducted extensive teaching, consultancy and research in land management and valuation. Currently Director of Undergraduate Programmes for Real Estate & Planning at the University of Reading, he has developed and delivered national and international university programmes at all levels, has published widely in leading real estate journals and has published two text books. Professor Wyatt has been involved with and lead national, European and international real estate research projects. Recent work has investigated the way in which key attributes of the domestic and non-domestic building stock affect value; in particular energy consumption, environmental labelling and public transport accessibility. Ongoing work with UK Government is investigating the theory and practice of development viability appraisal in planning policy, focusing on the issue of development value and planning gain.


  • BSc (Hons) Estate Management
  • PhD


Real estate valuation and appraisal; Land management and administration; Geographical information systems

Research grants and contracts

Joint principal investigator for ‘The impact of S106 planning obligations on growth’ ANS0203104 – Project 17892, 2012-13, Department of Communities and Local Government, Consortium project led by the University of Reading and Three Dragons Ltd (£77,684)

Co-investigator for ‘Hedonic Pricing Study to Determine whether Energy Efficiency Ratings and Council Tax Differentials Impact on Prices in the Domestic Buildings Sector’, 2012, Department of Energy & Climate Change (£34,308)

Joint principal investigator for ‘Development Viability Appraisal: Theory, Application and Evaluation’, 2011-12, Economic and Social Research Council, Ref ES/1001123/1 (£79,469)

Co-investigator on ‘Non-Domestic Energy Energy Efficiency Database’ project, 2009, funded by the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (£250,000)

Joint project manager and valuation expert for ‘Land titling and land registration programme’ St Vincent & the Grenadines, 2008-9, funded by the European Union, (360,000 euros)

Project manager and principal investigator for ‘Sustainability of office occupation’ King Sturge Property Consultants and the University of the West of England, 2007-9 (£60,000)

Valuation expert for ‘Development of an electronic service delivery framework for the Geodetic and Cartographic Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic’ European Union, 2007 (250,000 euros)

Project manager and principal investigator for ‘Development of hereditament-level vacancy statistics’ Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 2005 (£39,620)

Co-investigator for ‘Identifying vacant buildings – pilot study for a domestic vacancy information system’ Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 2005-6 (£85,000)

Co-investigator (£23,000) for ‘Research Consultancy on Land Use’, Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, 2003/04, total contract value £125,725

Project manager and principal investigator for ‘Undertaking a pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of monitoring previously developed land in Wales’ Welsh Assembly Government, 2003-4 (£41,800)

Project manager and principal investigator for ‘Developing alternative data sources for a national assessment of previously-developed land’ Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, 2003 (£44,000)

Project manager and principal investigator for ‘A pilot study to obtain improved information on land and building vacancies’ Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, 2002-5 (£97,000)

Land management expert for ‘Review of Land Use Planning Indicators’ Welsh Assembly Government, 2002 (£60,000)

Current PhD students

Joseph Ayitio: Beyond hybrid land governance: monetarised customary land transactions and the dilemmas of land value capture in Ghana. First supervisor

Tina Beale: What influences tax compliance? An investigation of property tax administration and tax payer behaviour in a small island developing state. First supervisor


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Key Publications

Wyatt, P. (2013) “A dwelling-level investigation into the physical and socio-economic drivers of domestic energy consumption in England” Energy Policy, 60, 540-549

Crosby, N., McAllister, P. and Wyatt, P. (2013) Fit for planning? An evaluation of the application of development viability appraisal models in the UK planning system, Environment and Planning B, 40, 3-22

McAllister, P., Wyatt, P. and Coleman, C. (2013) “Fit for policy: some evidence on the application of development viability models in the United Kingdom planning system” Town Planning Review, 80(4), 495-522

Coleman, C., Crosby, N., McAllister, P. and Wyatt, P. (2012) “Development Appraisal in Practice: Some Evidence from the UK Planning System” Journal of Property Research, 30(2), 144-165

van de Wetering, J. and Wyatt, P. (2010) Measuring the carbon footprint of existing office space, Journal of Property Research, 27(4), 309-336

Wyatt, P. (2008) Empty dwellings: the use of council tax records in identifying and monitoring vacant private housing in England, Environment and Planning A, 40, 1171-1184