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HCCM Research

Information on our research agenda, and how to find out more

HCCM Research

At the beginning of each programme, we gather feedback from HCCM members on the issues that ‘keep them awake at night’ and represent the key objectives for each of our member organisations. We use this discussion to design and direct our research agenda and workshop schedule, delivering actionable insight that will directly benefit our members each year.

Working with academic experts and leading practitioners, we focus on these issues to develop new research, fresh approaches and innovative models that our members can build into their own practices to create truly memorable customer experiences.

We report our findings through interactive workshops, inviting fascinating guest speakers and HCCM researchers to illustrate our discoveries and work with members in hands-on group sessions, providing the tools and experience needed to implement successful change within their own organisations.

The full results of the research projects chosen each year are released to our Corporate members as they become available and with exclusive access for a minimum period of 6 months; our research reports will then become publicly available during the course of the next year's programme.

HCCM members can find more information about our research and view the reports that we have produced through the HCCM member’s website.

To find out more about membership or to request access to our research reports, please contact Daniel Wallace (HCCM Client Relationship Executive).