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The HCCM is supported by a specialist team of academics, researchers, practitioners and doctoral students with our research in the field of Customer Experience, led by our director, Professor Moira Clark.

Our executive team provides expert support to our members to ensure that each gets the most out of their membership, and quickly acts on member feedback to continuously improve the HCCM programme year on year.

Our team of researchers explores research projects chosen by our corporate members each year to deliver insights and understanding that contribute directly to the success of their key projects.

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The HCCM Team

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Moira Clark is Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School, as well as Founder and Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management.

She serves as a consultant to a number of leading UK and European companies, and is a leading expert in the area of Strategic Customer Management.

Having worked as both an international marketing consultant and a marketing director within a wide range of industries before joining Henley in 2005, Moira brings her unique mix of expert insight and practitioner experience to our research programme, allowing her to translate academic theory into truly actionable insights for our members.

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Daniel is the Client Relationship Executive for the Henley Centre for Customer Management, and manages memberships for our online HCCM Members' Website.

In his role for HCCM, Daniel is the main contact point for member enquiries and is the event organiser for our programme of workshops and conferences that take place throughout the course of the year.

Daniel joins HCCM having spent 8 years focusing on Customer Experience within the retail and production industries, working with new and small businesses to develop and initiate best-practice approaches to customer experience delivery, and streamlining business administration around customer service.

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Andrew has over 30 years’ experience as a management researcher, establishing his skills first as an academic, and then working as a research consultant on projects in both private and public sectors for over 70 organisations.

His main areas of interest include market research, measuring customer satisfaction, new product development, and customer management.

As research director for HCCM, Andrew is responsible for coordinating and managing research projects throughout the programme, the outcomes of which lead to reports and white papers that are shared with members, and academic publications advancing the field of customer experience research.

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HCCM Researchers

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Susan is Professor Emerita of Consumer Behaviour in the Marketing & Reputation Department of Henley Business School, and is currently undertaking research in the areas of online customer experience, online shopping, compulsive shopping behaviour, and customer-brand relationships.

Susan has extensive business experience within the fields of consumer behaviour, marketing and brand management, communications, and marketing research across a wide range of industry sectors. She has taught many of Henley’s corporate clients including ING Bank, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, the British Council, and 3M.

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Cristiana is Principal Visiting Research Fellow at the Marketing & Reputation Department of Henley Business School, and Scholar of the Advanced Institute of Management (UK).

Cristiana research focusses on Marketing and Organisational Behaviour, with recent publications on service recovery, online consumer behaviour, and employee engagement and performance.

Cristiana has established links and engaged with industry over time and has worked with NHS Blood and Transplant at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, Lloyds Banking Group and British Airways. Currently, she is part of a team working with Resolver.

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Anne is an Associate Professor in Marketing at Henley Business School. After graduating in Modern Languages from Cambridge in 1987, Anne gained several years' experience working in the field of international marketing and branding, before returning to academia to complete her PhD at Cranfield School of Management in 2004.

Anne enjoys researching and analysing both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing issues, to help companies face today’s complex challenges.

Anne’s research projects for the Henley Centre for Customer Management include studies focusing on customer experience, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and how to manage outsourcing relationships.

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Linda is Associate Professor in the Marketing Department of Montpellier Business School and Teng Yew Huat Endowed Chair of Marketing at Sunway University. Her research interests focus on customer engagement and interactive consumer/brand relationships, her work receiving many awards including the 2018 Journal of Services Marketing Outstanding Paper Award, a 2016 Emerald Citations of Excellence Award, and a 2015 Outstanding Paper Award.

Linda is also an experienced consultant, having worked with various companies including Coca-Cola, Foodstuffs, Westpac, Soljan’s Wines, the New Zealand Department of Labor, the New Zealand Commerce Commission, and the University of Auckland’s Graduate School of Enterprise.

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Sarah-Louise is Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, and is an experienced practitioner having held senior positions across manufacturing, retail and non-profit sectors.

Her research interests include understanding brands within the non-profit context, consumer decision-making, and marketing communications, with a focus on strengthening marketing strategy within charitable organisations and providing the evidence base to demonstrate social impact

Sarah-Louise completed her PhD at the Henley Business School, working with HCCM to release a white paper for members on the importance of trust ('Trust is the New Black').

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Dr Rasha El Gendi is Lecturer in Marketing at the British University in Egypt (BUE) and holds a PhD in Marketing from Henley Business School. Her research focusses on customer experience management, climate for innovation, innovation management, organisational climate, and services marketing.

Rasha's research provides insights into the relationship between climate for innovation, organisational innovativeness, and customer experience in the telecommunications sector; it presents an understanding of what the appropriate practices, policies, and procedures are, enabling organisations to understand the success of service innovations in terms of customer experience in a service-setting.

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Dr. Neil Hair is the Executive Director of the Innovative Learning Institute, and an Associate Professor of Marketing from the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

His research and consulting activities focus on relationship marketing, analysing perceptions of advertising and customer value in popular online social networks like Facebook and Pinterest, personal branding in virtual space, virtual ethnography in online worlds.

Neil's most recent work is a Cisco sponsored global study on the use of social media for collaboration and innovation, looking at over 100 of the world’s thought leaders operating in this space.

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If you would like more information about our research and activities, please visit the HCCM member’s website or contact Daniel Wallace (HCCM Client Relationship Executive).

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