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Professor Emerita Susan Rose

Professor of Consumer Behaviour

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  • Strategic Marketing, 
  • Consumer Behaviour, 
  • Online Customer Experience, 
  • Business Coaching, 
  • Management Research


Greenlands Campus

Professor Susan Rose is an educator, researcher and business coach with academic and industry experience in strategic marketing and customer behaviour.

Professor Susan Rose has an extensive career spanning both academic and industry practice. Her expertise is in management education, strategic marketing and customer management. Susan works as an educator, business coach and researcher. She is a Research Associate within the Henley Centre for Customer Management focusing particularly on the effects of technology upon customer behaviour and the development of online customer experience.

She is an experienced researcher in both qualitative and quantitative methods, and has co-authored a book titled 'Management Research: Applying the Principles' which is used by both academics and practitioners.

Susan has published on a range of subjects including online consumer behaviour, brand management and coaching. Her publications include the Journal of Retailing and the International Coaching Psychology Review.

Susan is a qualified and experienced educator and business coach. As well as working as an independent coach, Susan also supervises the research development of coaches on Henley’s MSc Coaching & Behavioural Change programme. She teaches on Henley’s MBA programme and has delivered executive education at Henley.

Susan is a Psychology graduate from The City University, holds an MA in Marketing from Kingston Business School and a DBA from Brunel University.

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