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Professional Development and Careers Support from Henley Careers

We are delighted to offer career support to alumni as well as current students. Whether that's with appointments (if you have recently graduated), an event or our online self-help guides. Find out more below.


We'll be holding a series of alumni-focused events through the year – some will be webinars and some will be physical.

Alumni can also attend a number of UK-located, student-focussed, careers events.

Self-Help Guides

Considering significant life changes is an intense experience, and many prefer to explore their thoughts by themselves before sharing with others, so we’ve created four self-help workbooks for alumni to develop their own career thinking – two are aimed at early career professionals, and two at mid- to late-career professionals, but feel free to explore them all if you wish.


Alumni who have graduated from one of our programmes in the last four years can book a one-to-one careers appointment to discuss their personal and career development via phone or video call.

Webinar Library

We have partnered with Sensible Media to make available an ever-increasing library of career-related webinars from leading industry thinkers to our alumni.

Accessing Alumni Careers Services

Alumni can find out how to access all their careers services via the Henley Live App or portal